Choosing the Best Arm Movements for Your Golf Swing

By Sandy LaBauve

What Arm Movement is Best for Your Golf Swing?

Swinging the golf club on-plate is really important, as I mentioned, but I want you to know that you have two choices.

  1. You can either swing the golf club and manipulate the shaft on-plane (a good friend of ours, Jim Hardy, a teacher from Houston, Texas, talks about this as a two-plane golf swing. It is one in which you are actually swinging the club straight or back and you are rotating the club on-plane. It is a manipulation. Your arms are actually swinging above your shoulders, and you are working the shaft constantly).
  2. Or, you can swing the golf club a little bit more athletically, in which the golf club would go on plane naturally. That is called a one-plane golf swing because your arms are swinging more on your shoulder plane, as opposed to way above your shoulders.

One-Plane Golf Swing for Women

I happen to like the athletic golf swing, especially for women, because it is a lower-maintenance golf swing. When you are swinging it athletically your arms are going back across your chest, much like sports you have probably already played - maybe softball, maybe tennis. So we are gonna talk a lot about the one-plane golf swing for women and how it can make you a better player.

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