How to Pick the Right Club for a Bunker Shot Out of a Big Sand Trap

By Denis Pugh

It was a bad shot that put me here, but I got a really good break with the lie I have in this fairway bunker. I have a vast expanse of sand and no lip to worry about. The lie is good, the sand is firm. It is a par-5, I need the distance, and I can hit my fairway wood.

Adjustments to Make to Hit a Fairway Wood From Bunker

I have to make a few adjustments for this shot, but if I use my brains, set up correctly, make the correct swing, it is just like playing off the fairway really. Let me show you what I mean.

  • Address by gripping the club lower than normal, come into the middle of the grip.
  • Put the ball position slightly further back in your stance than normal.
  • Do not wiggle your feet too much into the sand like a greenside bunker shot.
  • When you make the swing do not use much motion in your legs and just feel the swing is being made primarily with the hands and arms.

This is the time to swing the club and not get too involved with body motion. Let's see if I can show you how. So remember the key points. Not too much leg action. Primarily an arm swing. In the setup, do not wiggle in too deep, have your ball position a little bit further back and grip down the club. Fairway bunkers do not mean that you have to chip out and lose a shot. Use your brains and save a shot.

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