Selecting The Irons In Your Bag

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Selecting The Irons In Your Bag
Category: Fairway Shots
Sub-Category: Pitching, High Shots

Video Transcript

Video Golf Tip | Selecting The Irons In Your Bag
By Tim Cusick

Nowadays there are a lot of options in what golf clubs you can buy and put into your bag. The club manufacturers have done a fantastic job at creating straighter faced clubs that are easy to hit up in the air. If your clubhead speed is less than 70 miles an hour with a driver you would want to start in your iron makeup at the 5-iron. It is difficult for a lot of people that don't have a lot of clubhead speed to get the launch on the golf ball with a straighter face, so start with a 5-iron fill out the rest of your iron set with lofted fairway woods or lofted hybrids. If your clubhead speed is between 80 and 90 miles an hour you can put a 4-iron in your bag because you have enough clubhead speed to get the ball up in the air with a 4-iron. If your clubhead speed is over 100 miles an hour you are in the category where you can use longer irons. It takes lots of speed to be able to launch a straighter faced club up in the air. My clubhead speed is over 100 miles an hour so I have a 3-iron in my bag and it goes all the way up to a pitching wedge. Remember, less than 70 miles an hour start with a 5-iron. 80 to 90 miles an hour you want to be somewhere in the 4-iron range to pitching wedge. 90 plus you can go with a 3-iron in your bag. If you use the club manufacturers to your advantage and pay attention to your clubhead speed so you can help get maximum height on your shots you are going to play better golf.


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