The Truth About the Hammer Golf Driver

Updated September 21, 2021

    Golf equipment manufacturers are notorious for making outrageous claims about their products, but nobody does so as shamelessly as Hammer Golf does about its Hammer X Driver. If all the claims were true, the Hammer X driver would be the only driver golfers would use, becoming the universal standard while putting giants like Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist out of the driver-making game. If you’ve noticed this happening at your home course, please let us know.

    Hammer claims its Hammer X Driver is the world’s longest driver and that you will instantly add 50 yards and drop 10 strokes from your game. The Hammer Golf homepage also claims the Hammer Driver will save you 20 strokes per round, increase your swing speed by 20% and drop your handicap by 10. Sounds great, right? Let’s dig a little deeper.


    What is the Hammer X Driver?

    The club itself looks unlike any other driver. The Hammer X driver is a 0 cc driver with no crown on the club head. Instead, an arched rail connects the heel to the toe behind the face, with a “Power Core” that puts the mass of the club behind the sweet spot.

    The Hammer X driver is equipped with a flat shaft, which by the way Hammer claims is the world’s fastest flat shaft, resulting in what Hammer refers to as the “slingshot effect.”

    Hammer X Driver Reviews

    Half of the users who reviewed the Hammer X Driver on Amazon gave it a one-star rating. Reviewer William Hyde went so far as to say “This is easily the worst club I have ever purchased.”

    Overall the Hammer X Driver has a 2.5 out of 5.0 star rating, with 22% of reviewers giving the club a four-star rating.


    Hammer X Driver Performance

    Fortunately with the advancement of launch monitor technology, no claim can go untested. A simple side-by-side comparison of the Hammer X Driver to that of a major OEM should settle any debate regarding the validity of the Hammer X Driver’s claims. In this case, both Rick Shiels and MyGolfSpy compared the Hammer X Driver to leading competitors on a launch monitor, and came to the same conclusion: the claims are bogus.

    After comparing the Hammer X to his Cobra driver in a video review, Rick Shiels concluded about the Hammer X “It doesn’t go 400 yards. It’s not the world’s longest driver.”

    MyGolfSpy had seven testers with handicaps ranging from 0-15 compare the Hammer X to the TaylorMade M1, with each player hitting 12-24 shots with each club, and concluded that the TaylorMade was roughly 25 yards longer than the Hammer X.


    Is the Hammer X Driver legal, you ask? In a word, no. The 0cc Hammer X Driver is not legal for tournament play as it does not appear on the USGA and R&A’s list of conforming driver heads.

    Once you take one look at the driver, this fact should not surprise you. This is one of the many reasons you won’t see the Hammer X in the bag of any Tour players on TV.


    The Hammer X Driver may not be the world’s longest, or the best driver for your game, but let’s appreciate what it is. It’s an embodiment of the outrageous promises many manufacturers are guilty of making. It’s cut from a different cloth than any other club out there, and it certainly stands out from the mainstream.

    Image: raaaaaaaandyresale918 via EBay