The Best Golf Balls for Seniors


As golfers age, their swing speeds inevitably begin to decline. This means that equipment needs change. Senior golfers might find they need lighter clubs, or shafts with greater flex in order to compensate for the loss in power. Another place for seniors to upgrade is their golf balls to ensure greater distance. The following are the best golf balls for seniors currently on the market.


Srixon Soft Feel : Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls, White (One Dozen ...
The first option is a budget ball that still provides plenty of play. The Soft Feel is a 2-piece construction with a soft core and thin cover. This ball will deliver on distance but does sacrifice spin and feel, and may disappoint lower handicappers who expect to be able to shape shots. This ball is ideal for aging casual player or for seniors picking up a new hobby. 


TaylorMade Distance+ : TaylorMade 2018 Distance+ Golf Ball, White (One Dozen ...
For a slightly upgraded ball over the Srixon Soft Feel, TaylorMade has the Distance+ ball. This product is designed for long distances and features 2-piece construction. However, this ball provides more feel and spin control than the Srixon and is worth trying by mid to low handicappers frustrated at a loss of distance as they age. 


Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls | DICK'S Sporting Goods
The Titleist DR TruSoft offers Titleist’s softest compression for a low spin, high distance ball. The ball feels less like a long distance ball than some of the other budget options, but will still add yards with its compression. The ball is durable and best used by mid to low handicappers. Golfers will appreciate the soft feel of the ball for their short game. 


Callaway SuperSoft

Callaway Supersoft Matte Red Golf Balls
The Callaway SuperSoft comes in striking matte colors that just might be easier to see as eyesight begins to fade. Another 2-piece ball with one of the lowest compression points on its large core, the SuperSoft also boasts a redesigned hexagonal dimple pattern that reduces drag to increase distance. This ball is best used by mid to high handicappers looking to add yards to their swings. 


Titleist Velocity : Titleist Velocity High Golf Balls (1-Dozen) : Sports ...
The Titleist Velocity provides distance for seniors losing swing speed while still feeling like a proper high end ball. While spin is sacrificed on the Velocity when compared to the Tour standard V1, skilled seniors will appreciate a better feel of control than most distance balls that are aimed at less skillful golfers. The cover is also durable and comes in multiple colors. 


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