7 Easy Tips for Longer Drives

By Milo S

Hitting the golf ball a long way is a simple combination of clubhead speed and a square clubface at impact. Sounds easy enough. The only problem is the golf swing has a number of components and if one breaks down, you can experience a lack of power, accuracy or both. Incorporating a few reminders into your swing will help you to increase the distance on your shots.

  1. Start with a couple of fundamentals: your grip and your stance: Make sure your grip is light in pressure and you're holding the club more in your fingers than your hands. Also keep it neutral, if possible. If more than three knuckles or fewer than two knuckles of your left hand (for the right-hander golfer) are showing, then you're employing an extreme grip. Be sure you have a wide and stable base with your stance line. This will help to promote better balance and allow you to store more energy in your backswing.
  2. The longer your swing path, the more clubhead speed you can generate so be sure to have a full shoulder turn to create a longer swing arc. If flexibility is an issue, don't complete your backswing swing by lifting your arms. Just try and get as full a shoulder turn as you can.
  3. At the top of your backswing, you've stored the necessary energy and the transfer of that forward allows you to deliver it to the golf ball.
  4. It is important to note this energy coil unwinds from the ground up. The hips turn to the target. The shoulders naturally follow which pulls the arms down along your swing plane and the hands trail.
  5. This last point is one of the keys to consistent power. You want to maintain your wrist cock to create a lag in your swing. Do not release your hands too early as this will decelerate your clubhead. Instead, release your hands through the golf ball at impact.
  6. A note to remember on your lower body: be careful not to shift your weight forward too fast and get overactive with your legs. A helpful tip is to think of keeping your back foot down as you drive through the ball.
  7. Always swing relaxed. Tension in your muscles will reduce your capacity for a full golf swing.

Take these tips to the range and work them into your swing!