What Makes the Hybrid Golf Club So Good?

By Marc Jenkins

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The word "hybrid" means something that is of mixed origins, elements, aspects or compositions. That is exactly what manufacturers have created with hybrid golf clubs, taking principles and designs from both irons and woods. The result is some of the easiest-playing, most forgiving clubs available. Hybrid golf clubs can be seen everywhere, from watching the pros on television to sporting goods stores to online retailers. The reason is simple: because of all the capabilities and possibilities they present to golfers.


When using a hybrid golf club, a player can substitute it with either a wood or an iron in his bag as long as it is the same number club (i.e. 3 hybrid for 3 wood or 3 iron). Carrying a hybrid golf club will pay dividends as you see the improvement in the accuracy and power in your game. Swinging a hybrid club between the range of 2 to 5 is much easier than swinging a wood or iron of its caliber. Stroking a long iron (2 to 5 irons) can be a difficult challenge even for some of the professionals on the PGA Tour, so it is no wonder weekend players can struggle with them as well. A hybrid club can help.

Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid clubs have all of the positive characteristics of both woods and irons but none of the negative ones. The faces on hybrid clubs are flat, similar to the faces on irons as well as iron lengths, but hybrids have the wide sole of a fairway wood. The weight of the hybrid is distributed throughout the club, which gives users a much crisper, more effortless and more powerful swing.

Overall Improvement

More players than not have witnessed lower scores after shooting a round of 18 with hybrid golf clubs instead of traditional woods and irons. Aspects such as lower center of gravity, increased moment-of-inertia and heightened overall feel all contribute to the improved play. Hybrid golf clubs are the wave of the future for one reason: They are effective at lowering scores, leaving golfers happier at the end of the day.

About the Author

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