Free Ideas for Easy Golf Games

By Chris Joseph

To liven up a typical round of golf, it can be enjoyable to play a "game within the game." These can create additional competition without detracting from the normal rules and procedures. In addition, there are simple golf games that can be played by children to help them have fun while learning how to play the game.


A simple game to play during a round of golf is to see who can hit the most fairways with the tee shot during the round. This can help players develop greater focus on improving their driving. A variation of the game also could be used on the green by seeing which player needs the least amount of putts during the round.

Last To

Another "game within the game" is Last To. In this game, the last player to accomplish a specific result during the round is declared the winner. Some variations include the last player to lose a ball, the last player to three-putt, the last player to hit a shot out of bounds, or the last player to hit a shot in the water.

By the Book

In By the Book, players have the opportunity to earn points based on certain accomplishments during the round. For example, a player can be awarded five points for a birdie and 10 points for an eagle. Three points can be given each time a player hits a fairway or by hitting a green in regulation. The winner is the player who accumulates the most points by the end of the round.

Miniature Golf for Kids

For a child's birthday party, you can set up a miniature golf course in the backyard. The course can be laid out by using items found around the house. For example, coffee cups placed on their side can be used for holes, and objects such as shoes, bricks, and pieces of wood can be used to create obstacles. Party invitations can be sent indicating the party's "tee time."


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