How to Play Vegas

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A game of pairings, Vegas is a great option to keep everyone involved for the entire round. Depending on your stakes, the payoffs can be significant!


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Create two pairs within a foursome that will compete against each other. Apply handicaps to ensure team parity. Established handicaps are essential.
Step 2
Play the hole utilizing traditional golf format (honor off the tee, player farthest away plays first). Assess handicaps to determine each player's net for the hole.
Step 3
Create a score for the team according to the following format. Use the lowest score from one team as the first digit and use the higher score as the second digit. For player nets of six and a four, score the hole a 46.
Step 4
Determine the point differential for the hole by subtracting the scores of the two teams for the hole.
Step 5
Record the point differential from hole to hole for the duration of the match. Points can be worth as little as 25 cents or as much as $1 depending on the wager.
Step 1
Double the margin for that hole for a birdie on a hole.
Step 2
Triple the differential for an eagle.
Step 3
Add the birdie and eagle rule to allow one team to a make up a huge chunk of points in just one hole.
Step 1
Multiply the two player scores together, then subtract to obtain the differential. Score a combined four and six as a 24 and a five and a seven as a 35.
Step 2
Avoid double and triple net bogeys. This is essential.
Step 3
Throw in the effects of birdies and eagles to be able to make up points in a hurry.

Tips & Warnings

Vegas is a game for golfers who are serious about their play--every stroke for every player on every hole is extremely important.
Know your stakes beforehand. Don't ever get into a game where the stakes are so high your play suffers because of the money on the line.


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