The 10 Best Golf Balls for Women in 2022 & How to Choose

By Todd Mrowice

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Women's badge golf balls

As golf ball technology has dramatically advanced over the past few decades, golf balls specifically designed for women have improved. Long gone are the days when ladies had to use the same golf balls as men. With performance and aesthetics geared towards women's swings and style, women's golf ball options today are seemingly endless. Let’s look at the 10 best golf balls for women and why they’re a great fit.

What to Look for in a Woman's Golf Ball

Some manufacturers produce golf balls specifically for ladies, it even says so on the packaging. Other manufacturers, however, leave it to each individual golfer to choose the best golf ball for them based on the specs of the golf ball.

For example, many golf balls that are a great fit for women are also great choices for senior men or even junior golfers, or anybody with a moderate swing speed. Likewise, women with faster swing speeds can play a ball designed to handle their power. Here are some elments that can help women choose the best golf balls for their game.


A soft core, meaning the lower its compression rating, is the first sign that a golf ball is great for ladies. A lower compression ball requires less swing speed to achieve ideal compression, which maximizes distance. Harder golf balls with higher compression ratings require faster swing speeds to maximize distance.

Compression ratings dip as low as the mid or even low 30s, and balls with compression ratings into the 60s can be considered soft. Here’s a quick high-level overview to help you determine what compression rating is likely best for your swing speed, but as we always recommend, there’s no substitute for on-course performance, so test a few out to see what truly performs best for your swing.

  • Driver swing speed 95+ MPH: Compression rating of 70-90
  • Driver swing speed 85-94: Compression rating of 50-70
  • Driver swing speed below 85: Compression rating up to 60


Great women’s golf balls are designed to launch high, which allows the ball to get airborne much easier, with less swing speed. At lower swing speeds, increased launch means more distance, and the added height will also boost stopping power on the greens.

The 10 Best Golf Balls for Women

Based on test results and input from female golfers, we consider the following balls to be the 10 best golf balls for women. We selected these 10 golf balls based on the majority of female recreational golfers who carry a mid to high handicap. However, ladies with faster swing speeds might fit better into a ball designed for mid-handicap or low-handicap players.

Ball Compression Launch Player Profile Standout Feature
Callaway Supersoft 38 High Mid-handicap ladies Exceptional ball flight
TaylorMade Kalea 60 High Seeks distance and value Optimal driver launch
Vice Pro Soft 35 Mid-Low Cares about feel and looks Great performace from non-major brand
Bridgestone Lady Precept 50 High Wants good value and durability Seamless cover with great feel
Srixon Soft Feel Lady 58 High Looking for greenside spin without sacrificing distance Short approach shot spin
Callaway REVA 30 High Beginners looking for distance and forgiveness Oversized build for more forgiveness
Volvik Crystal 77 High Players who like color and performance Vibrant colors 
Wilson Tour Velocity 75 High Beginners and high handicaps looking for quantity Solid distance golf ball
Top Flite Empower Low High

Slow swing speeds who need distance

Matte finish colors are highly visible
Titleist Velocity 65 Mid Mid to low handicap women Penetrating flight and low long game spin

Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft golf ball badges
Callaway Golf
Price/Dozen $25 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Compression 38
Construction 2-piece
Cover Hybrid Paraloid
Dimples 332
Flight High
Player Profile Mid-handicap ladies

The Callaway Supersoft is a really good, all-around golf ball that suits the needs of several types of players. Mid-handicap women should find the Supersoft to have exceptional soft feel and perform in ways that a beginner's golf ball can not. However, even beginners will appreciate the soft feel when putting, and no aspect of its technology is counter-productive for beginners. For those reasons, the Callaway Supersoft is our best overall golf ball for women.

The Soft Compression Core produces fast ball speeds for all women, whether your swing speed is 75 or 95 mph. The Supersoft, when going head-to-head with other balls, is among the leaders in distance. Equally as important, the ball launches high on every shot from driver to wedge. The high launch comes in handy by helping you hold greens on approach shots, and the ball delivers very high greenside spin. Of course, the Supersoft's namesake tells the tale. Its soft feel in the short game, specifically putting, is unrivaled.

For women looking for a splash of color, the Callaway Supersoft has eye-catching matte colors including pink, green, orange, red, and yellow. For traditionalists, there's always white. All colors have a bold, black alignment aid which stands out on the green. From beginners to advanced amateurs, the Callaway Supersoft has features that all women will enjoy.


  • Soft feel
  • Short game response
  • Good all-around golf ball


  • Players who already hit the ball high might lose a little distance

TaylorMade Kalea

TaylorMade Kalea golf ball badge
PGA Tour Superstore


$20 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Compression 60
Construction 2-piece
Cover Ionomer
Dimples 342
Flight High
Player Profile Seeks distance and value

The Kalea lineup from TaylorMade features some of the most advanced women's golf equipment on the market today. If you wander over to the golf ball aisle you'll actually find golf balls to match, and they're fantastic. These 2-piece, high-launch Kalea golf balls were engineered for women and provide big distance.

TaylorMade's high-energy REACT core is found in many of its golf balls, and the Kalea benefits greatly from the technology. It acts as an energy retainer during impact, launches high and stays in the air longer, and churns out more total distance.

The Kalea has a compression rating of 60, so it's far from the softest golf ball on this list, but you wouldn't know from the feel. That compression rating makes it playable for a wider spectrum of players, including those with more moderate swing speeds. Most ladies can produce faster ball speeds by giving the Kalea a shot.

When you pick up a peach or purple colored Kalea golf ball you'll instantly notice it has a matte finish, different from your typical golf ball. The finish provides increaded visibility on the course, and also just looks really cool. TaylorMade did a great job with the color selection of the Kalea, while still maintaining a high-performing standard white version. The finish does make the ball feel a little hard on putts, and greenside spin could be better, but all-in-all, the TaylorMade Kalea is a solid option for ladies.


  • High visibility in the purple and peach colors
  • Durable cover
  • Great ball speeds gains


  • Greenside spin could be better

Vice Pro Soft

Vice Pro Soft golf ball badges
Cost/Dozen $35 or $29 in bulk [Buy on Amazon]
Compression 35
Construction 3-piece
Cover Urethane
Dimples 318
Flight Mid-Low
Player Profile Cares about feel and looks

Vice Golf doesn’t produce golf balls specifically geared towards women or men, they just let the results reveal themselves to each player. Apparently, works wonders for the direct-to-consumer manufacturer, which prides itself on producing high-quality golf balls for less than the big companies. The Vice Pro Soft seems to be the overwhelming choice among women looking for a Vice ball, and for good reason because it has exceptional distance and feel.

The Pro Soft is one of the few 3-piece golf balls on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s intended for low-handicap players. In fact, Vice even recommends the Pro Soft for swing speeds under 95 mph. Its extra-thin cast urethane cover provides great feel and spin around the green. On approach shots, particularly with a wedge, you’ll notice this ball holds very well. This is due to one of the best golf ball technology names, S2TG, (stick to the green) which allows for great performance, even on chip and bunker shots.

All Vice balls feature one of the best alignment aids in the game, the KIL (keep in line) stripe. It’s bold, highly visible, and elimiates the need to draw your own aid on your ball. If you like colors, the Vice Pro Soft is also available in several vibrant offerings including neon lime, neon red, Living Coral, Peach Parfait, and Blue Light. As with all Vice golf balls, the more you purchase the better the deal. A single dozen of the Vice Pro costs $35, but five dozen or more drops the price to $29 per dozen.


  • Satisfying distance
  • 3-piece construction
  • Price break on larger order
  • Controllable spin with scoring clubs


  • Slower swing speeds might not see the most benefit

Bridgestone Lady Precept

Bridgestone Lady Precept golf ball badge
Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy
Cost/Dozen $22 [Buy at Golf Galaxy]
Compression 50
Construction 2-piece
Cover Urethane
Dimples 330
Flight High
Player Profile Wants good value and durability

Bridgestone is one of the most reliable and high-performing golf balls on the market today. The company produces golf balls for professionals and amateurs, and the Bridgestone Lady Precept is made specifically for amateur women. While Bridgestone hits on all of the hallmarks of a great women’s golf balls (higher, longer, straighter), the Lady Precept in also one of the best values in the women’s ball category. At $22 per dozen, it outperforms its price tag and continues to gain loyal followers.

The standout feature of the Bridgestone Lady Precept is its core, which can be credited for not only for its soft feel but also its forgiveness. Off-center strikes still return appreciable distance and launch. Golf balls geared for the more skilled players don't come with this level of forgiveness, so a golf ball like the Lady Precept can help anyone from beginners to mid-handicap players.

In addition to white, the Bridgestone Lady Precept is also available in Optic Pink. The alignment aid has a nice elongated arrow that's easy to aim at your target.


  • Value
  • Durable
  • Good distance
  • Soft feel


  • Better players will hit them too high

Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf ball badge
Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy
Cost/Dozen $23 [Buy at Golf Galaxy]
Compression 58
Construction 2-piece
Cover Ionomer
Dimples 338
Flight High
Player Profile Looking for greenside spin without sacrificing distance

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady is one of the best selling women’s golf balls and a top-chocie among players with slow to moderate swing speeds. Its 338 Speed Dimple pattern is the exact same pattern used by its tour staff. The dimple pattern reduces drag and remains stable in windy conditions. There is, indeed, noticeable difference with this ball when playing into a head wind, something to keep in mind if you play in variable conditions on a regular basis.

The Soft Feel Lady is designed to get the ball airborn with little to no effort, and that’s apparent, especially on tee shots. Even misses on the bottom part of the face still get up and into the fairway. Similar to the men’s version of the Soft Feel, this ball doesn't reward better players with faster swing speeds. This is a very soft golf ball geared to players with handicaps around 20 and up.

The Soft Feel Lady has a good amount of greenside control and feel for any type of player. Of all of the golf balls on this list, this one might be the best for players who prefer a soft golf ball for putting. Speaking of, it also has a really nice pink stripe on the white cover that helps with putting alignment. The pink ball is also vibrant and can be seen just about anywhere on the course.


  • Soft feel
  • Greenside spin
  • Stability in wind


  • Long game produces too little spin

Callaway Reva

Callaway Reva golf ball badge
Callaway Golf
Cost/Dozen $24 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Compression 30
Construction 2-piece
Cover Ionomer
Dimples 338
Flight High
Player Profile Beginners looking for distance and forgiveness

The Callaway REVA line includes everything from clubs to a golf bag and, you guessed it, golf balls. We previously detailed the Callaway Supersoft, which is a great choice for just about any handicap. The REVA, however, is aimed at beginners and players simply looking to get to that next level and enjoy the game while they play it.

The REVA golf ball is oversized, meaning it's slightly larger than a standard golf ball, but still perfectly legal. Callaway originally introduced this concept with its Magna ball. The ball produces big distance and the added size gives it ample fotgiveness. When putting the Callaway REVA is near the top of the balls on this list in overall distance for players with slower swing speeds. This ball is all about bringing confidence to your game.

The REVA is available in white or pink. When paired together with Callaway’s REVA clubs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better combination that will return more distance, higher flight, and ultimate forgiveness.


  • Good for beginners
  • Nice alignment aid
  • Oversize construction


  • Not meant for mid-handicaps or better

Volvik Crystal

Volvik Crystal golf ball badge
PGA Tour Superstore
Cost/Dozen $30 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Compression 77
Construction 3-piece
Cover Ionomer
Dimples 322
Flight High
Player Profile Players who like color and performance

Volvik might not be the first brand you look at while pacing the golf ball aisle at your local retailer, but there are many reasons it should be. Volvik has been producing golf balls for different levels of players for 40 years and the Volvik Crystal is a smart choice for anyone who swings 90 mph or less. This isn’t a ladies specific golf ball, but it does fit a majority of women golfers. 

No brand does colored golf balls better than Volvik. Crystal is available as an assorted dozen or in all of one color such as red or white. Even the white is not your typical white golf ball as the finish is super-glossy and semi-transparent.

From a performance standpoint, the Volvik Crystal returns great distance on all shots. If you’re a fan of a harder feeling golf ball at impact, this is a great option. Its 3-piece construction makes the Crystal highly reactive around the green and checks easily on precision shots. Any ladies with a swing speed under 90 mph will see the most benefits from this model.


  • Highly visible colors
  • Greenside spin
  • Driver distance


  • Side spin is a bit high on misses

Wilson Tour Velocity Women's

Wilson Tour Velocity Women's golf ball badge
Wilson Sporting Goods
Cost/Dozen $19 (15 balls) [Buy on Amazon]
Compression High
Construction 2-piece
Cover Surlyn
Dimples 400
Launch High
Player Profile Beginners and high handicaps looking for quantity

For a company that’s been making golf balls since 1954, Wilson does a great job continuing to innovate and design golf balls for every type of golfer. The Wilson Tour Velocity golf ball for women is the perfect golf ball to get started with, from a performance and price standpoint.

The compression rating of the Wilson Tour Velocity is 75, so it’s not the softest golf ball you’ve ever played. For beginner and high-handicaps, however, an overly soft golf ball isn't always the best for response on misses. The Tour Velocity is degined to advance playability around the green without sacrificing distance and forgiveness. In addition, its enhanced dimple pattern is designed to keep the ball as straight as possible.

At $19 per box, the Tour Velocity is a great deal. What makes it an amazing deal is the fact that there’s 15 golf balls per box. For beginners or anyone looking for quantity and quality, the Wilson Tour Velocity is a wise choice.


  • Distance
  • Value
  • Forgiveness


  • Not meant for players much better than beginner level

Top Flite Empower

Top Flite Empower golf ball badge
Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy
Cost/Dozen $16 [Buy at Golf Galaxy]
Compression Low
Construction 2-piece
Cover Urethane
Dimples 322
Flight High
Player Profile Slow swing speeds who need distance

Top Flite knows its audience. The manufacturer has been producing distance golf balls for people who want to most off of the tee and approach shots. The 2022 Top Flite Empower is designed for women who want the most distance possible, and a ball to match their style.

Ladies with slower swing speeds will see the greatest gains with this ball, but that doesn’t mean players with moderate swing speeds won’t like it just the same. Its soft, thin cover is noticeable just from holding the Empower in your hand. What’s also noticeable is the really cool matte colors if you choose to buy the multi-color pack, which includes green, red, orange, and purple. If you prefer a solid white ball, those are available as well.

Slower swing speed players will really like how easily the Top Flite Empower gets in the air. You'll also notice those skill shots around the green also have a nice touch of spin and softness that you usually don't associate with distance balls. Quite possibly the best aspect of this golf ball is the alignment aid, which features two hands giving a proper “rock out” sign. At $16 per dozen, the Empower is also a fantastic deal.


  • Slower swing speed distance
  • Matte finish colors
  • Alignment aid


  • Side spin on drives

Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity golf ball badges
Cost/Dozen $30 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Compression 65
Construction 2-piece
Cover NaZ+
Dimples 350
Flight Mid
Player Profile Mid to low handicap women

Titleist doesn’t manufacturer a golf ball specifically for women, but the Titleist Velocity has all of the characteristics of a ball women want to put into play, with the added confidence that it's produced by the number one brand in golf balls. Tthe Velocity has so much to offer improving golfres that we also selected it to our best golf balls for beginners, best golf balls for high-handicappers, and best golf balls for distance lists, a testament to its versatility.

A true distance golf ball, the Titleist Velocity is a gamer for mid-handicap ladies with moderate to fast swing speeds. Its High Speed LSX Core provides low spin in the long game and relatively high spin in the short game, so better players can count on it to get the job done around the green. As far as flight goes, the mid to low handicap can expect a penetrating ball flight, lower than any other ball on this list.

As far as colors go, even Titleist embraces the Velocity's appeal to men and women golfers alike. The Velocity is available in pink, orange, blue, and green, the colors are all highly visible around the golf course.


  • Durability
  • Low long game spin
  • Distance for moderate to fast swings


  • High handicaps won’t see as much distance and spin


Women's golf balls have come a long way over the past decade. What was once a category dominated by 2-piece, pink, rock-like golf balls has advanced to areas of performance, spin, and durability. Ladies now have more choices than ever to find a golf ball to fit their specific want and needs around the golf course, and that's something we can get behind.

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