Types of Golf Grips

By Jack S. Waverly

In golf, the grip is an important element of the golfer's swing: It affects the amount of power behind the swing. Players will change grips during the course of the round depending on the need of the shot: long, short or putt. No specific golf grip is universally good for any one use; each golfer develops his own preferences. There are four basic golf grips every golfer should know how to use.

Ten Finger Grip

A 10-finger golf grip is the basic grip learned by beginning golfers. This is the most natural of the golf grips and simplest to learn. Place the trailing hand (the one on the side on which you take your backswing) beneath the leading hand. The hands and fingers should touch but not overlap or interlock. This grip can limit control of the ball and the consistency of the putt, which is why most teachers do not prefer this grip.

Overlapping Grip

The overlapping golf grip is the least favorite among golfers because it is the most unnatural grip used. Place the pinkie finger of the trailing (bottom) hand between the middle and index fingers of the leading (top) hand. This grip is also known as the Vardon grip because Harry Vardon made it popular in the early 1900s.

Interlocking Grip

The interlocking golf grip is the most popular grip among professional golfers. Place the pinkie on the trailing (bottom) hand interlocked with the index finger of the leading (top) hand to make this grip effective. This is the grip mostly used during putting.

Hockey-Style Grip

Use the hockey-style golf grip for distance and power. Place the leading hand and the trailing hand three inches apart in this grip. This allows more force and control to be shifted from the hands to the club--and to the golf ball. You will find this type of golf grip mostly used when teeing off.

How tightly you grip the club can help you solve three common problems. Light grips reduce the speed of the swing. A heavy grip reduces a slice. A lighter grip reduces a hook.

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