Smart Shopping For Wedges

By Steve Silverman

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The wedge is one of the most important clubs in the golf bag, particularly for newer golfers who may struggle to get the ball in the air and may not know how to control it. A wedge allows you to get the ball high and land it softly. It is a vital club to use when you are coming close to the green. These clubs do not have to cost golfers huge amounts of money to get the job done consistently.

Callaway Big Bertha

The Big Bertha wedge provides an outstanding value for all golfers, whether they are longtime competitors or new to the game. The Big Bertha has a forgiving club head. To a new golfer, this means you don't have to have a perfect swing to hit the ball well. (Average price in 2009: $74)

Ben Hogan Apex

The face of the Hogan wedge is not as big as the Big Bertha's, but it is a "clean" club that is somewhat light in weight. The club is good for golfers who don't want to swing heavy clubs but still want to get the ball in the air and have it go where they want it to go. The keyword many pros use to describe the Hogan is "responsive." (Average price in 2009: $71)

Wilson TW9

The Wilson wedge may be the ideal club for intermediate-level golfers who are trying to get their game to a new level. The TW9 has machine-milled grooves that allow you to put maximum spin on the ball, and this will help the ball stop sharply. This is exactly what most golfers want to happen when their ball lands on the green. (Average price in 2009: $99)

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