Izzo Vs Sun Mountain Golf Carts

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The push cart is one of the latest conveniences to reach mass popularity in the golf world. Featuring at least three wheels these virtual all-terrain golf trolleys give walkers a choice beyond carrying their own clubs on their backs or dragging a rental cart behind them. Two of the most popular brands, Izzo Golf and Sun Mountain Sports offer very different takes on the same function.


Izzo Golf recently introduced it's ATC Pushcart that looks a bit like the old pull cart, but features a smaller wheel at the front so the cart can be pushed in front of the walking golfer. Sun Mountain makes three different variations on the pushcart theme. Their Speedcart V1 and Speedcart V2 are three-wheeled designs offering different levels of convenience and storage features. And the Microcart is a significantly smaller, four-wheel version. All four products provide a new way to keep yourself walking as a golfer when carrying your own bag just isn't an option.


The Izzo ATC Pushcart weighs in at 10 lbs and rolls along on solid, plastic wheels quite smoothly over varying surfaces. Both versions of Sun Mountain's Speed Carts are equipped with small, bicycle-style wheels that roll exceedingly smoothly across all sorts of terrain. These wheels enable both versions of the cart to carry significant weight and still roll easily. The V1 model has solid, foam wheels while the V2 has inflatable tires and comes with a tire pump. Heavier than the Izzo model, the Microcart weighs 13 lbs. and it's solid wheels are smaller than those on the Speed Cart. The bag rides in a more upright position for ease of access to your clubs and gear. Perhaps the biggest convenience of the Sun Mountain design is that none of them require straps to hold your bag to the cart.


The frames on all four carts are made of lightweight aluminum and all are put together in a very sturdy manner that should last for more than a few seasons. The wheels on the Speed Carts utilize ball bearing axles and allow for a front-wheel alignment adjustment.


All four models feature a brake mechanism to keep them from rolling away if unattended. The Izzo model has a foot-activated lever that locks the back, right wheel. All three Sun Mountain carts have a lever near the handle that locks down a bicycle-like caliper brake on one of the wheels.


All of the three-wheel models are exceedingly stable, though the Sun Mountain design has a slightly wider wheel base than its Izzo counterpart. The four-wheel, more upright design of the Microcart is not quite as stable as its three-wheeled cousins, but is still more than stable enough for all but the steepest of side slopes.


This is where the Izzo model has an advantage over the Sun Mountain models. The front wheel of the ATC Pushcart is removable, making the folded version of the cart quite a bit smaller than any of the other carts. That said, all three Sun Mountain carts fold up very easily and into a small enough form for all but the smallest of car trunks.


Izzo's ATC Pushcart features its own water bottle mountain on its frame and a rainproof scorecard and ball holder near the adjustable, foam handle. All three Sun Mountain carts, however, boast a padded valuables tray that also holds the scorecard. All have adjustable height handles and both Speed Carts have spots to mount an umbrella both closed and open. The V2 version has an additional mesh storage space, and integrated ball-marking device and accessories panel.


The Izzo ATC Pushcart retails for about $110, while you can find the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1 and Microcart for about $200. The Speed Card V2 is priced more like the Cadillac of pushcarts at about $270.

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