The Best Golf Drivers for Distance

By Jim Hagerty

With the way golf clubs and swing training techniques have evolved over the years, tee shots of 250 yards for men and just a couple hundred for women are are no longer acceptable in most golfing circles. While it's never recommended to rely solely on clubs to do all the work, it is necessary to use a driver capable making the same shots as the rest of the players on the course. This is why nearly every club manufacturer continues to make drivers intended for longer and more penetrating tee-shots. Some drivers, therefore, are made exclusively to increase distance with the proper swing.

Callaway FT iQ

The new breed in the Callaway driver family, the FT iQ is a solid driver made of a carbon-composite and titanium. Its special Hyperbolic Face Technology and sleek, aerodynamic design promote straight and penetrating drives. Stock shafts work well and are carefully matched to each club head. FT Series drivers are available in the $300 to $500 range (as of 2009).

TaylorMade Burner

TaylorMade is widely popular on the PGA Tour for a reason. Its modern Burner drivers significantly promote distance and accuracy. Each driver has a large hitting area, balanced head and strong stock shafts. Even with mishits, Burners produce low, penetrating drives. Depending on the model and retailer, Burner drivers run between $200 and $500 (as of 2009).

Nike SQ Dymo

Nike, aside from snaring Tiger Woods to endorse its drivers, boasts the SQ Dymo line of distance-promoting drivers. With square- and rounded-head options, SQ drivers are comfortably weighted with strong kick points. They are also forgiving titanium clubs. The square design keeps shots straight and prevents turned-over tee shots, which promotes distance. SQ drivers can be purchased in the $150 to $300 range (as of 2009).

Cleveland Launcher Series

Cleveland Launcher drivers are made with the long ball at the fore of its design. The line is famous for its thin, strong face. The crown and overall head are strong and equipped with a rear-faced horseshoe bottom weight that promotes powerful follow-through at impact. Stock shafts are light and strong, even for big hitters. Launcher drivers are forgiving and comfortable at impact. As of 2009, Launcher Series drivers fall into the $250 to $300 price range.

About The Author

Jim Hagerty is a freelance writer and journalist. In addition to the hundreds of Web-based articles to his credit, he's a staff writer for "The Rock River Times," where he covers arts and entertainment, outdoors and human interest news events. Hagerty holds a Bachelor of Science in public relations and journalism from Northern Michigan University in Marquette.


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