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Steven Bann
385 Centre Dandenong Road
Victoria Australia 3202
Tel: 61 3 9558 3688
Golf Videos by Steven Bann
  • Steve Bann proves to us that not even the best players can prove the adage that trees are 90% air... watch video
  • Keep your eyes directly over ball, shoulders parallel and putter face perpendicular to target line and head still... watch video
  • Use this drill to learn distance control and eliminate those dreaded three-putts... watch video
  • Practice chipping with a friend by scoring it like a tennis match, adding pressure to your practice game... watch video
  • The wrong foot placement in your stance will limit your rotation ability and cause hip sway... watch video
  • Learn a simple exercise to correct your posture and set up angle... watch video
  • Break your ball position down to three locations, one for woods, one for fairway clubs and one for short irons... watch video
  • Correct your posture by setting up with your spine tilted slightly away from the target... watch video
  • Learn how to identify whether your swing plane is correct... watch video
  • Pivot your body to accelerate the club rather than sliding your hips... watch video
  • Aim to the right with a closed clubface to create counterclockwise spin on the ball... watch video
  • Use your regular swing but aim to the right and open the clubface... watch video
  • Align your body to allow the club to travel towards the target line... watch video
  • Don’t complicate your pitch shots, let your equipment make it easy for you... watch video
  • In the backswing the arms do not move back but rather hinge upwards... watch video
  • Practice putting mechanics at home, when you have time at the course practice short, mid and long range putts... watch video
  • Look up and down at least twice to burn an impression of the line to the target in your mind... watch video
  • Add some pressure with this baseball game to make practicing short putts fun... watch video
  • Use this drill to practice keeping your wrists firm and in front of the clubhead... watch video
  • Learn to control the distance in the air that you hit your chip shots... watch video
  • Make a shorter backswing than your follow through so you have to be aggressive with your swing... watch video
  • Place an umbrella under your arms and against your body and feel a pendulum motion in your putting stroke... watch video
  • Learn an exercise to allow the putter to travel straight back and through on a plane... watch video
  • Hitting the ball with the sweet spot of the putter allows the putter face to stay square and not twist... watch video
  • Steven Bann’s philosophy on the swing mechanics and practicing under pressure... watch video
  • The radius of your right wrist to your chest must stay constant throughout the backswing and downswing... watch video
  • Most golfers only practice short and long putts, but the mid range putt might be the most important and this drill will help you sink them... watch video
  • Learn the correct sequence of pivoting to improve consistency and distance off the tee... watch video
  • Marking the ball with a line allows you to aim the putter face correctly to the target... watch video
  • Learn how to avoid two common problems with pivoting... watch video
  • Use a simple putting stroke to make chipping easier... watch video


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Balanced Posture for a One Plane Golf Swing The one plane swing requires that you bend from the hips more than the two plane swing set up. This move is counter balanced by your buttocks going back more, thus maintaining your balance on the balls of your feet.
The 4 Elements of Perfect Putting Technique Follow these four simple steps to improve your putting and lower your scores
How to Get a More Consistent Swing Using Golf Swing Tempo To develop a consistent and repeatable swing every club in your bag should have an identical tempo and rhythm, tempo is the rate of speed from start to finish of the swing while rhythm is the acceleration and deceleration of the golf club