Putting Distance Control Drills

, GolfLink Editor
Updated September 12, 2023
Golfer practicing putting distance control

Golfer practicing putting distance control

    Golfer practicing putting distance control
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When you master your distance control on the putting green, golf becomes a lot less stressful.

Practice your putting distance control under pressure and this vital skill will become second-nature.

Golf Drill to Improve Control while Putting

The baseball putting drill gives you plenty of reps and adds in pressure as you progress.

Create a diamond shape around the hole, and each spot represents a base on a baseball diamond.

Start at home plate and make three putts in a row to advance to first base. From there you can advance to second base by making three in a row, or if you miss a putt, you must go back a base.

The object of this game is to advance all the way around the bases, scoring a run by converting all three putts from third base.

You can perform this drill from any distance, and adjust the requirements for advancing accordingly, to practice your accuracy or distance contron on any length putt.