Add Speed & Distance to Your Driver With 4 Adjustments

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Updated July 25, 2023
Golf driver at address
    Golf driver at address
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If you want to hit your driver farther, you need more club head speed. Each mile per hour you add to your club head speed equates to about three extra yards of distance, assuming the strike quality is equal. 

That means if you can add just 3-4 mph of club head speed, you can increase your driving distance by about 10 yards, giving you a huge advantage off the tee.

Jason Baile, Director of Instruction at Jupiter Hills, offers four keys to adding club head speed, and distance with the driver. 

It’s important to note that maintaining your current accuracy and ball-striking while adding speed takes time. Begin by implementing these elements into your practice without worrying about where the ball goes. As you get more comfortable, try hitting more functional shots with these moves, and once you’ve got it down, you’ll be ready to bring it to the course.


1. Create a Bigger Base

The first step is a wider base. To find your base, address the ball with your driver the way you normally would, then simply move each foot an inch or two wider. 

You should feel great balance and a secure connection to the ground.

2. Allow the Lead Heel to Lift

Adding speed to your driver swing is all about making the swing bigger. By allowing your lead heel to lift off the ground during your backswing, you’re set up for the next two steps, creating a bigger pelvic turn, and getting your hands high.

3. Create a Bigger Pelvic Turn

No matter how big or small your current pelvic turn is, making it a little bigger will help you add speed to your swing. Take a few rehearsal swings with your normal swing and pause at the top of your backswing. Notice where your pelvic turn is, and see if you can rotate it 5-10 degrees farther. Allowing your lead heel to lift should make it easier to make a bigger turn.

Notice how the bigger turn feels, then get to that position from address.


4. Get Your Hands Higher at the Top

The final element to making your swing bigger, and faster, is getting your hands higher at the top. This does not mean making a longer swing, it means getting your hands a little farther from your body, which will add width to your swing, increasing your club head speed.

Helpful Hack

A positive attack angle, or striking the ball on the upswing, is a huge factor in getting maximum distance from your driver. Just remember, you always want to strike your irons and wedges on the downswing (with a negative attack angle).

Speed Takes Time

Remember, adding speed to your driving swing is a process that takes patience and commitment. You may pick up some MPHs right away when you make a bigger swing, but it’s all but guaranteed that in the beginning, it will come at the expense of some accuracy and strike quality. That’s to be expected. 

As long as you stay committed to your practice, you’ll learn to unleash your top end speed with the accuracy and ball striking your used to.

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