Where and How To Sell Used Golf Clubs To Get Top Dollar

By Todd Mrowice

Used golf clubs behind golfer

Selling used golf clubs can be a one-time venture or a way to make serious side money, it all depends on the person. No matter the reason, selling your used golf clubs isn't always easy and requires a little effort to get top dollar for your sticks. Here's how to go about selling your used golf clubs and some common missteps to avoid along the way.

Clean Before You Sell

There is no better deterrent to a potential buyer than dirty golf clubs. It doesn't matter if the clubs you're trying to sell are a year old or decades old, dirt and rust are not attractive. Take some time to clean your golf clubs ahead of listing or trying to sell them.

You can make this as simple as using an old towel, some warm water, and a bucket. For heavily soiled clubs you might have to put in a little more work. If you need to clean rust off your golf clubs, be sure to use a safe method of polishing them before you try and sell.

Be Realistic About Value

One of the hardest parts about selling your used golf clubs is getting the value that you feel is adequate. We cannot stress enough that you must have realistic expectations about the value of the golf clubs you're selling. This can be difficult if you're parting ways with clubs that have sentimental value, but staying realistic about your return can only help you get paid faster.

How Much are Your Clubs Worth?

The easiest way to find out how much your golf clubs are worth is by using the PGA Value Guide. This universal guide is used by buyers and sellers everywhere to determine the current value of all used golf clubs. Unless you find your clubs in a much welcomed bidding war, expect to sell your clubs at the value the guide states, or within about ten percent of that value.

Where to Sell Your Used Clubs

There are several convenient ways to sell your used golf clubs. Here are some of the more reputable and safe options of doing so.


Selling your used golf clubs on eBay gives you the largest audience, by far. Thousands of golf-related transactions take place each day on the world's largest online marketplace, so eBay should be one of your top choices.

Selling your golf clubs on eBay gives buyers peace of mind because they can view your history and seller rating prior to making you an offer. You also have the ability to promote your item for a small fee which lists it near the top of the page results.

As with any sale on eBay, there are seller fees. Even if you get your full asking price, be prepared to yield 10 to 12 percent to eBay in fees. You'll also have to account for shipping costs. Determine ahead of time whether you will foot the bill for shipping or pass that expense on to the buyer.

PGA Value Guide

The above mentioned PGA Value Guide is also a great source for selling your used golf clubs. After your check the value of the clubs you want to sell, you're prompted with a couple of offers right away:

  • PGA Credit Certificate: This allows you to take the offer and have a PGA credit emailed to you within a day. Print the certificate and bring it to a participating PGA trade-in location.
  • Global Golf PGA Credit: This option gives you a credit that can be redeemed at GlobalGolf.com.
  • Cash Offer: if you accept this offer you ship the golf clubs to the PGA warehouse where they are inspected. Once approved, a check is mailed to you within 15 business days for the agreed upon value.

Selling your clubs through the PGA Value Guide is an easy way to get a fair price for your clubs without worrying about any of the competition or fees associated with selling through eBay. Althought, you either get credit or a lesser cash amount for them. If you're simply looking to upgrde your set, this may not be an issue. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a newer option, but you find a lot of golf clubs there. If you use Facebook Marketplace to seel your clubs, you will probably have to meet someone in person, or you can arrange a shipping option.

Premium used golf clubs don't have as big of a market on Facebook Marketplace as older, used golf clubs. So if you're looking to sell a gently used Scotty Cameron putter, you might be best served looking at other options to make your transaction.

Retail Trade-In

Golf retailers such as PGA TOUR Superstore make offers on used golf clubs regularly. They even have a used club section within their stores. While this is a great option to trade-in your used club, it's not the best option to get cash in hand for your sticks. If your goal is to get into a new driver or set or irons, accepting a trade-in from a retailer might be the best option because they're likely to give you more in-store credit which you can use towards that purchase.

Word of Mouth

It's an old way of selling good, but word of mouth can still be a great way to sell your used golf clubs. If you have a tight-knit golf community, perhaps at your local club or hangout, let people know what clubs you're looking to part with. You may find somebody on the market for what you're selling, or somebody who knows someone who is.


Selling your used golf clubs can be a thorough process, so don't get discouraged if you don't get many bites right away. As long as you stay realistic about the value of the clubs you're selling, you'll find somebody who is looking for what you have to offer.

About the Author

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