How to Clean Used Golf Balls

By Patrick Cameron

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Golf balls go through a lot in their lifetime. Hacked, sliced and chopped by weekend warriors is just part of the beating that your average ball sees. Then there's the odd chance that the ball gets lost, either in the long grass or the water. When found, the ball may look like something you might as well throw back where it came from. But these balls could still have a lot of life in them if they are cleaned to remove the dirt, algae, fungus and other discoloring elements.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
  1. Fill a bucket with hot water. Make sure you put in enough to cover the golf balls that you are trying to clean. Add a cap full of dish soap and stir it around. Then drop in the golf balls.
  2. Allow the balls to soak for a good 1/2 hour in this hot, soapy mixture. This will remove a good deal of the crusted on dirt and surface stains that the ball may have.
  3. Take each ball out one at a time and scrub it with the bristle brush. Make sure that the bristles are nylon. If you use something like a wire brush you'll damage the outer core of the golf ball.
  4. Dump the water out of the bucket. After you've dumped out the water, give the balls and the interior of the bucket a little rinse off to remove the soap and particles accumulated while they were soaking.
  5. Refill your bucket with hot water and add in a 1/2 cup of bleach. Allow the balls to, once again, soak in the bucket for a period of about 1/2 hour. Soaking in the bleach will not only take away any discoloration the balls may have but it's a great way to sterilize the balls so that any fungus or algae is eradicated.

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