How to Keep a Scramble Scorecard in Golf

By Jackson Lewis

A golf scramble is a competition format popular for charity and local club events. It makes use of a "best-ball" format, where the participants on each team take turns hitting a shot from each position the ball lands. The team then takes the best shot of the group and proceeds to the next stroke. Golf scramble teams can be made up of two to four players. In large tournaments, the scramble organizers might mix the skill levels of each team in order to provide a more fair competition. Keeping score in a scramble tournament is similar scoring done in stroke play.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Annotate your team name on the left side of the scorecard in the "Name" column if your tournament is making use of team names. If not, list the full name of each player on a separate row. The top row will be used to keep your team's score.
Step 2
Score your scramble using stroke play rules. Write your team's score in the field in the first row below the hole number. Note that in scramble play, all four players hit their best shot, then each player hits from that position. The process is repeated for each hole.
Step 3
Mark the initials of the scramble team member who hits the drive used by the team for the hole on the second row of the scorecard beneath the score. Most scrambles require each member of the team to contribute two drives to the team's effort. If you are playing in a tournament that permits mulligans, you should mark the number of mulligans used on the third row.
Step 4
Complete your scorecard by filling in the date on the card. The team member who kept score along with one other person on the scramble team then must sign the card attesting that the score is accurate.

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