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Amen Corner: Golf's Famous Stretch at Augusta National

Get to know Amen Corner, an iconic spot found at Augusta National. Discover the facts behind one of the most famous golf stretches in history right here.

What Is a Golf Handicap?

In golf players of different skill levels can compete against each other fairly using the USGA handicap system. Handicaps, officially called the Handicap Index by the USGA, are used to level the playing field for golfers of different skill levels.

What is the PGA Tour Champions?

The PGA Tour Champions is the current name of the PGA Tour's professional senior tour. It is contested by the best golfers aged 50 and above. 

Women's Major Golf Championships

The Ladies Professional Golfer's Association (LPGA) represents the oldest organization of professional female golfers. Founded in 1950, the LPGA organizes the top women's golf tour known as the LPGA Tour. From the beginning, women's golf had betw...

The History of Professional Golf

For almost as long as there has been golf, there have been professional golfers. From the early days on the links of Scotland to today's multimillion dollar tour events, there are some milestones in the history of professional golf.

About U.S. Open Golf

The U.S. Open is one of the oldest golf tournaments in the sport. It is held once per year and is open, through qualifying tournaments and various other criteria, to all golfers, amateur and professional, who have a two handicap or better. Unlike...

Best Games for a Threesome

Sometimes you just can't scare up a foursome. However, you can still add a little side interest to your round with one of these traditional threesome golf games - Wolf, Niner and Bingo Bango Bongo.

About Golf Handicap

In the early part of the 20th century, the United States Golf Association decided to take a rather radical approach to competition among amateurs on the golf course. Realizing there was nothing fun about playing with someone who was far superior,...

What Is Torque in a Golf Shaft?

Golf features a number of terms with which newcomers to the sport may not be familiar. From fades to slope and everything in between, familiarity with these terms is bound to aid in one's comprehension of the sport. Among these terms is torque, w...

How Is Match Play Golf Scored?

Match play golf is typically a form of one-on-one competition in which the victor is the player who wins the most holes, rather than the player who shoots the lowest total score.

Common Golfing Terms

Common Golfing Terms. Golf is not only a pastime and a hobby for millions of people around the world, it is a game that has developed its own language. Some of those terms have been adopted by the outside world and are common in everyday use. Fo...

Information on Joining the Golf Tour

The Golf Tour is the official developmental tour for the PGA Tour. It is designed to let professionals gain tour experience before joining the ranks of the best players in the world. That doesn't mean it is an easier tour. Some say it is ...

19th Hole Trick or Treat

If your golf course is open during the Halloween season you can increase your business by creating a 19th hole trick-or-treat party all season long. Setting up a 19th hole trick or treat is easy and when you advertise it be sure that you mention ...

How Your Golf Swing Creates a Slice

Every golfer has a swing that launches a golf ball into the air with a high rate of spin. The length, trajectory and direction of the ball flight is determined largely by the type of spin created at the point of impact. A slice is a type of shot ...

Golf Fundraiser Ideas

Running a golf fundraiser is a lot of work, so when you do, you want to maximize your revenue. Before you start to invite people, there are a few things to consider. Deciding on the entry fee is critical---too much and you will scare people away ...

Golf Etiquette Tips

The definition of etiquette is: the forms and manners conventionally acceptable or required in society. On the golf course, this means being courteous to the golf course and your fellow golfer. Etiquette plays a big part in enjoying your round wi...

How to Play Scramble in Golf

A scramble involves four golfers playing as a team. Each player tees off and the team selects the best shot. Players then take their next shots fom there. This continues until a ball is sunk. All holes are played this way. A scramble speeds up pa...

How to Support Pro Golf Players

Golfers are among the most popular athletes in the world. Golf is an individual support. Golfers don't wear helmets or face masks, and they are easy to recognize. Many individuals who see pro golfers on tour like them because they smile and inter...

How to Start a Fantasy Golf League

Fantasy sports have increased the involvement that fans have with their sports. While most people associate football and baseball with fantasy drafts and leagues, you can do it with other sports, including golf. It's a way to increase your enjoym...

List of Professional Golf Mini Tours

The PGA Tour is a very exclusive place to make a living. Only the best 200-plus golfers in the world can earn a spot to play regularly. However, younger and less experienced golfers are not necessarily shut out because they haven't qualified to p...

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