How to Put Golf Clubs in a Bag

By Nichole Brophy

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Having an unorganized golf bag is not the end of the world; however, organization in this element of the game can ease in the selection and replacement of clubs throughout the round. While there are numerous configurations of golf bag dividers, the most common typically consists of five compartments. Following these suggestions for club placement in a five-compartment golf bag will help make your equipment the least of concerns on the course.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
  1. Arrange the driver and fairway woods in the top non-divided compartment. The amount of space in this section allows for larger club heads to spread out.
  2. Place low- to mid-lofted irons in the middle compartment, left of the center divider.
  3. Place mid- to high-lofted irons in the middle compartment, right of the center divider.
  4. Group wedges together an place them in the bottom compartment, left of the center divider.
  5. Place your putter in the very bottom right compartment. Keeping the putter away from other clubs will protect it from scratching or scraping.


About the Author

Nichole Brophy is a golf journalist whose ventures in the sport have led her to numerous golf destinations including the birthplace of the game. Brophy regularly interviews and features PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players. Her most recent interviewees include Sergio Garcia, Tom Lehman and Peter Jacobsen.