Proper Golf Grip to Improve Your Golf Swing

By Bill Herrfeldt

If you're a golfer with a poor grip, virtually every aspect of your game is suspect because everything you do depends on how you hold your golf club. Once you embrace the fundamentals of a good golf grip, your game will improve, your handicap and scores will decrease and you will enjoy the game more.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Step 1
Grip the club with your left hand, placing your thumb down the shaft. Place your right hand on the club, wedging your left thumb inside the palm of your right hand, then put the pinkie of your right hand over the forefinger of your left hand.
Step 2
Make sure that the V's created by your thumbs and forefingers are in their proper position. A right-hander addressing the ball should be able to see the first two knuckles of his left hand and the V should be pointing at his right shoulder. The V created by your right hand should be pointing at your chin or a bit to the right.
Step 3
Place the club behind the ball and make sure the clubface is pointing directly at your target. Grip the club but be sure the clubface continues to point straight. Otherwise, if the clubface is slightly open, the ball most likely will be hit to the right. This is the biggest problem for golfers who inadvertently slice the ball.
Step 4
Don't grip the club too tightly because that will cause you to tense up your arms, thus preventing you to freely swing the golf club. That tension will reduce your distance and accuracy.
Step 5
Keep working on improving your grip. Good golfers pay a lot of attention to their grip because they know it can help lower their scores. Have a golf professional occasionally check your grip because you may have inadvertently changed it to overcome some failure in your swing. It's always good to get back to the basics of a good grip.

About The Author

Bill Herrfeldt specializes in finance, sports and the needs of retiring people, and has been published in the national edition of "Erickson Tribune," the "Washington Post" and the "Arizona Republic." He graduated from the University of Louisville.

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