How to Hit a Bump-and-Run Shot in Golf

By John Wagner

Many golfers waste shots when they get close to the green. Most amateurs make it even more difficult on themselves due to poor technique. The bump-and-run shot is a very simple stroke that can be played from almost anywhere around the green. Learn it and you can lower your scores.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Bring your feet close together for a narrow stance and position the ball in the middle. Keep most of your weight on your left foot--you should feel like you are leaning toward the target.
Step 2
Slide your grip down on the club so you can stand closer to the ball. Press your hands forward to take some loft off the club. This will help promote a downward strike and a lower shot.
Step 3
Make a short backswing with no wrist action. The shorter the backswing, the better. Think of this as the same length as your putting stroke.
Step 4
Keep your wrists firm through impact. Strike down and through the ball. The ball will come out low and run to the hole. This shot should fly a short distance and roll the rest of the way.
Step 5
Abbreviate your follow-through. Backswing and follow-through should match each other in length.

Tips & Warnings

Place a head cover two feet behind your ball when practicing. Make your stroke without hitting the head cover. This drill will help you hit down on the ball and make a small divot.
Do not try to help the ball into the air.

About The Author

John Wagner is a certified golf instructor and professional golfer with over eight years of experience. As a certified GolfTEC and Chuck Cook golf instructor, he has given over 3,000 golf lessons. John writes for and has over 40 articles published.


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