How to Ship Golf Clubs

By Deborah Cohn

Perhaps you are sending golf clubs as a gift to a friend or family member in another city, state or country. Perhaps you are moving and want to ensure your clubs don't get damaged on the way. Or perhaps you are taking a vacation to the golf spot of your dreams and don't want to rent an inferior set. Whatever your reason, you should always take care to package your golf clubs properly before shipping them.


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Step 1
Visit the website of the airline if you are shipping the clubs by air. You will want to review its requirements for shipping sports equipment. Some airlines have weight limits in which any item above a certain weight will be charged for excess baggage.
Step 2
Visit the site of the airline, moving company or shipping company to see if they require special packaging or documentation. Some airlines and companies require a hard-shell club case. Others insist on a limited liability release form.
Step 3
Borrow or rent a hard-case bag if your shipper requires a special casing. Unless you travel extensively, purchasing a pricey bag might not be necessary.
Step 4
Some shipping supply stores offer special boxes and box sets specifically for shipping golf clubs.
Step 5
If you have a particularly precious or valuable set of clubs, you might want to use a door-to-door delivery service such as Luggage Forward. Luggage Forward offers a special golf club service in which someone will come to your house, package your clubs, then deliver them wherever you choose.

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