How to Play a Golf Scramble

By Alan Donahue

Golf is enhanced when more players are added into the mix. To make playing interesting, players might participate in a "scramble" match. A "scramble" game takes the best shot of each player on a team to make a fast-paced and interesting game. There are many variations and other forms, but the standard "scramble" game is one of the most popular.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
The best way to play a "scramble" match is by forming two teams with two players each.
Step 2
Let the players on the first time take their tee shots. Then the other team's players will hit their shots.
Step 3
After finding each ball, the players decide which shot was the best one for their team. The better position is where the teams choose for their next shots. The player who took the other shot places his ball next to his teammate's and shoots from there.
Step 4
Repeat the process until the hole is completed. The best shot is chosen no matter which player shot it. The score is determined by how many shots it took to get the ball into the hole. If both players shot the first shot, a second shot and a third, the score would be calculated as three instead of six.
Step 5
Repeat this process until the round is complete. Tally the scores to determine the winning team.
Step 6
Play the "Best Ball" version of the "scramble" game. In this version, instead of playing the ball from the best spot, each player on the team takes their own shots, then the best score at the end of the hole is used. For example, if a player shoots a "4" on the hole but his teammate scores a "3," the team takes the "3" for the score on the hole. The process is repeated throughout the rest of the course.

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