How to Arrange Clubs in Your Golf Bag Efficiently

By Savannah Richardson

golf bag clubs arranged in order

Arranging clubs correctly in your golf bag will give you easy access to your equipment and show your playing partners that you know how your bag should look when you begin your round.

Many golfers think it's good enough just to throw their clubs in the bag and start their round. However, that's not the case. There is a spot for each club in the bag and a way to organize it correctly.

Players can have up to 14 clubs in the bag, but no more. You’ll want to organize them from longest to shortest, like a waterfall effect. This makes your bag visually appealing and gives easy access to whichever club you need.

Empty Your Bag

While it may seem silly, the first thing you should do is empty that golf bag. Every pocket needs to be completely empty. Starting with an empty bag ensures a fresh slate. After going through the contents of your bag, throw away the trash and things you don’t use. The next time you carry your clubs during a round, you’ll be glad you did

Golf bags are all broken down differently. Some have three sections for clubs — top, middle, and bottom. Others have 15 individual sections — for 14 clubs and a ball retriever or alignment sticks, or that illegal 15th club. Some bags have four or six sections spread among the back, center, and front.

Regardless, here are some rules to keep your clubs looking neat and organized.

Start with the Longest Club

In a three-section bag, put your driver, 3- and 5-woods along with your putter in the top section of your bag. Your woods and your putter can go in the top section. If you carry an alignment stick or a ball retriever, add those in with your long clubs.

Add the Irons

Use the next section of your bag for your long and medium irons. Those clubs include the 3-through-7-irons.

Some players carry a driving iron in their bag. If you fall into this category, add it to your iron section in the middle of your bag. The driving iron, typically a 1- or 2-iron, can be used off the tee or off a fairway that is in excellent condition.

Finish with the Short Irons

Use the last section of your golf bag for your 8- and 9-irons, along with your wedges. These are clubs you will use when you are ready to hit approach shots to the green.

Add Accessories

After you get your clubs in the correct section and organized the way you like, add the accessories. Make sure the pockets on the side of your bag are stocked with balls and tees. Most golfers also keep a few fresh gloves on hand in their bag.

Clip your towel the ring on the outside of the bag, so you can wipe down your clubs after each use. If you use a rangefinder, add it and the case on the outside of the bag for easy access, or stick it in one of the side pockets.

Bottom Line

By organizing your clubs from longest to shortest, you'll quickly grab the right one during your roundl

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