Sun Mountain Golf Push Cart Rundown: Is It Worth the Buy?

By Todd Mrowice

Sun Mountain golf push carts

Sun Mountain has a positive reputation in all facets of the golf business. From golf bags to outerwear to push carts, Sun Mountain has a loyal following and creates some of the most innovative products on the market.

Sun Mountain push carts come in a variety of models. Here they are along with an overview of each to help you determine which might be the best fit for you.


Sun Mountain PX3 push golf cart

The three-wheeled PX3 model from Sun Mountain is the closest thing to “basic” you’ll find in the Sun Mountain push cart family.

The PX3 has everything you need for a successful push along the golf course. It folds down in two simple steps and once collapsed, fits easily into any trunk. A convenience accessory console is designed to hold your cell phone, scorecard, extra golf balls, and tees. There is also a mesh basket and velour-lined valuables pouch for range finders and additional items such as headcovers. Available in seven colors and works with cart or stand bags.

Weight16 pounds
Folded DimensionsW 26" x H 16" x D 14"


Sun Mountain PX4 push cart

If a four-wheel push cart is what you desire, the PX4 is your best bet from Sun Mountain.

The PX4 has many of the same features as its wildly popular predecessor, the Pathfinder 4, but with some great upgrades. The PX4 folds and unfolds in two easy steps and has ample built-in storage.

The new single-piece handle makes pushing your bag a breeze, you can even use one hand. An updated console tray has dual-umbrella attachments. The four-wheel design allows for added stability and makes hilly terrain a walk in the park. Available in seven color options.

Weight17.2 pounds
Folded DimensionsL 28.5" x H 15" x D 17"

Speed Cart GX

Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX

In 1999, Sun Mountain debuted the Speed Cart and instantly it became one of the most revolutionary designs in golf. Today, the Speed Cart remains one of the staples in golf push carts for its durability and performance on the golf course.

As with all Sun Mountain models, the E-Z Latch system allows the Speed Cart GX to fold in two steps. Both the upper and lower bag brackets have strong bungee cords so your bag won’t move.

An updated console tray includes a cell phone holder, padded valuables tray, scorecard holder, and a redesigned mesh tray. This cart is for serious movers on the course. Available in six colors.


Weight17.85 pounds
Folded DimensionsW 37" x H 16" x D 13"

Speed Cart V1R

Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1R

The Speed Cart V1R offers all of the same great features as the GX model listed above, but with some slight additions.

Mainly, the V1R model is offered in ten outrageously cool dual-color combinations. The hardest part will be figuring out which combo to choose. In addition, the V1R offers six-spoke wheels which are very sporty looking.

Weight17.95 pounds
Folded DimensionsW 37" x H 16" x D13"


Comparing these Sum Mountain push cart models side-by-side can make it clear which model is the best suited for you.


WheelsWeightFolded Dimensions
PX3$240316 lbsW 26" x H 16" x D 14"
PX4$250417.2 lbsL 28.5" x H 15" x D 17"
Speed Cart GX$250317.85 lbsW 37" x H 16" x D13"
Speed Cart V1R$260317.95 lbsW 37" x H 16" x D13"


Sun Mountain offers four models of golf push carts, all of which are different in their own way. A Sun Mountain push cart is going to run you $240 to $260. Do less expensive options exist? Of course they do. Consider, though, what you get for the savings. Sun Mountain offers quality materials and a company reputation that precedes your purchase.

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