Golf Club Length Chart for Any Golfer (of Any Size)

Updated May 22, 2023
woman swinging golf club on course
    Woman swinging golf club on course
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Whether you’re making the investment in new clubs for yourself or getting into a pre-owned set, it’s extremely important to make sure your golf clubs are the correct length for you. It's no different than wearing the correct size of shoe. If you end up with one that’s too big or too small, you’re not going to be very happy, or comfortable for that matter.

Swinging golf clubs that are too long for you promotes inconsistent contact caused by standing farther away from the ball, which leads to fat shots that kill your score and enjoyment of the game. Likewise, swinging clubs that are too short will promote bad posture in your golf swing and will leave you well short of achieving peak distance.

Let’s go over how to get you properly fit for your golf clubs for men, women, and juniors.


Wrist to Floor Measurement

The most common way of measuring yourself for the correct golf club length is the wrist-to-floor measurement. Here’s how to perform a wrist-to-floor measurement. Tip: It's helpful to have someone who can assist.

Step 1

Stand on level ground with your golf shoes on, or comparable height athletic shoes.

Step 2

Grab either a flexible measuring tape or yardstick.

Step 3

Stand up tall and use the measuring tape or yardstick to measure from the floor up to your wrist.

Step 4

Use the measurement and your height to find the proper length clubs for you using the chart below.

How to Interpret Your Measurement

There are three results, with measurement variations of each.

Men's golf club length chart
    Women's golf club length chart
    Nick Frazier/GolfLink

Standard Golf Club Length

If your height and wrist to floor measurement fall into the "Standard" category that means you fall into standard golf club length. For example, someone who is 5-foot-8 with a 35-inch wrist-to-floor measurement. This means you are able to purchase golf clubs from a retailer or manufacturer without length adjustments (off the rack).


Below Standard

A measurement in the negatives, -0.25 inches or -0.5 inches, for example. This means that you will need to have your clubs shortened by that length.

Over Standard

A measurement that begins with a plus, +0.25 inches or +0.5 inches, for example. This means that you will need to have your clubs lengthened by that amount.

Men's Golf Club Length Chart

It’s important to note that all golf club manufacturer websites offer drop-down boxes on their ordering screens that allow you to select the length of your golf clubs. If you are purchasing your clubs from a retailer, be sure to note your desired club length when making your purchase.

Use the following table to match your wrist-to-floor measurement in the left column with your height from the top to find what adjustment, if any, you need to a standard set of men's clubs.

  5-2 5-4 5-6 5-8 5-10 6-0 6-2 6-4 6-6 6-6+
>38" +1.75" +1.75" +1.75" +1.5" +1.5" +1.5" +1.5" +1.5" +1.5" +1.5"
38" +1.5" +1.5" +1.5"


+1" +1" +1" +1" +1" +1"
37" +1" +1" +1" +1" +0.5" +0.5" +0.5" +0.5" +0.5" +0.5"
36" +0.5" +0.5" +0.5" +0.5" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25"
35" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" STND STND STND STND STND STND
34" STND STND STND STND -0.25" -0.25" -0.25" -0.25" -0.25" -0.25"
33" -0.25" -0.25" -0.25" -0.25" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5"
32" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75"
31" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75" -1" -1" -1" -1" -1" -1"
<31" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25"

Women's Golf Club Length Chart

While there is no industry standard for the length of women's golf clubs compared to men's from one manufacturer to the next, women’s golf clubs are generally 1-2 inches shorter than men’s clubs.

It’s important to account for that when measuring yourself for your golf clubs. For example, a standard men’s driver measures around 45.5 inches, while a standard women’s driver is around 44 inches.

women's golf club length chart
    Men's golf club length chart
    Nick Frazier/GolfLink

Women taller than 5-foot-9 might prefer to forego women’s clubs because they will most likely be too short. Two routes you can go would be lengthening women’s clubs, or shortening men’s clubs (if needed). In this case, it is recommended that you consult a certified club fitter.

As a reference, you should check the manufacturer’s website to get specific measurements of their women’s clubs to be sure you’re making the correct purchase.

If you are still unsure that you have your correct length, consult with a golf retailer and ask a certified fitter to take your measurement for you to avoid any errors.

Use the following women's golf club length table to match your wrist-to-floor measurement in the left column with your height from the top to find what adjustment, if any, you need to a set of women's clubs.



5-1 5-3 5-5 5-7 5-9


6-1 6-1+
>34" +1.75" +1.75" +1.75" +1.25" +1.25" +1.25" +1.25" +1.25" +1.25" +1.25"
34" +1.25" +1" +1" +1" +1" +1" +1" +1" +1" +1"
33" +0.75" +0.75" +0.75" +0.75" +0.75" +0.75" +0.75" +0.5" +0.5" +0.5"
32" +0.5" +0.5" +0.5" +0.5" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25"
31" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" +0.25" STND STND STND STND STND STND
29" -0.25" -0.25" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5"
28" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.5" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75" -0.75"
27" -1" -1" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25" -1.25"
<27" -1.25" -1.25" -1.5" -1.5" -1.5" -1.5" -1.5" -1.5" -1.5" -1.5"

Golf Club Lengths for Junior Golfers

Measuring junior golfers for clubs has its own set of obstacles. Mainly, juniors have the broadest spectrum of height and wrist-to-floor.

U.S. Kids Golf is one of the largest producers of junior golf clubs, and they offer an online fitting center to help you make the right purchase for your junior golfer.

If you have a particularly tall junior golfer that measures closer to standard length clubs, the best option could be a to use standard length clubs but with a lighter shaft (perhaps a senior flex shaft).

If you are unsure that you have the correct length for your junior golfer, consult a certified fitter.

Purchasing Pre-Owned Clubs

If you’ve purchased pre-owned golf clubs you should always be sure that they are the length that was described. Too often, clubs purchased online end up slightly longer or shorter and the purchaser is none the wiser.

Use the manufacturer’s website as a tool to see what length the clubs should be. Most club manufacturers have previous model information available.

If you’ve purchased golf clubs that are the wrong size, you can have the lengths adjusted by a golf professional with a club repair operation. The cost of the adjustment should be about $6- $8 per club plus the cost of new grips.