How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost: Buying Guide

Updated January 24, 2022
Man driving golf cart on path
    Man driving golf cart on path
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If you’ve ever considered owning your own golf cart, the first question you probably ask yourself is: how much does a golf cart cost? The quick and dirty answer is, around $2,500 and up for a used golf cart, or around, $7,500 and up for a brand new cart. Ultimately, of course, the specific cost will depend on what exact model you buy and what features your cart has. Let’s take a deeper dive into how much you can expect a golf cart to cost.

The biggest factor that will determine the price you pay for a golf cart is whether you’re shopping for a new or used golf cart. Buying a golf cart that’s just a few years old can save you 50% or more off the retail price of a new cart. Other considerations include whether you purchase a gas or electric cart, and if your golf cart is a two-seater or a four-seater.


New Golf Cart Costs

A brand new gas golf cart starts around $7,500 for a gas-powered cart, and around $8,500 for a new electric cart. Just like with buying a car, you get what you pay for. The more money you’re willing to spend, the more features and convenience you will get in return. For upwards of $10,000 you can have some additional luxury and convenience features on your golf cart, like headlights and turn signals that can help make your golf cart street legal, and more comfortable seating.

How Much Should You Pay For a Used Golf Cart?

Shopping the used golf cart market is the easiest way to pay just a fraction of the brand new sticker price. It’s easy to find used golf carts that are 3-4 years old in the $2,500-5,000 range. The sweet spot for buying a used golf cart is up to five years old. That’s where you’ll match the biggest discount in price with the newest and most reliable cart.

Buying a used golf cart will come with a little more maintenance, but maintaining and troubleshooting a golf cart can be done by a golf cart owner with minimal training.


How Much Does a 4 Person Golf Cart Cost?

If your golf cart is for more than just golf, you may want one that seats up to four people. However, that added capacity will also add to the bottom line. Used four-person golf carts start around $4,000 for anything released this century. Brand new four-person golf carts start at over $10,000 and range upwards of $15,000.

Golf Cart Buying Tips

When buying a golf cart, consider your needs and narrow down your search. Your budget will determine whether a new or used golf cart is the best option for you. You’ll also want to decide whether you need a four-person golf cart, or the traditional two-person setup. You can even opt for a single-rider golf cart that can seriously speed up play.


After that, you’ll need to pick between a gas or electric cart. Both options come with their own pros and cons. Once you’ve answered each of those questions, your buying process will be well underway.