History of Odyssey Putters by Year

By Todd Mrowice

Odyssey White Hot OG putter

Odyssey putters set the standard for putters in the golf industry. Odyssey putters have been in the hands of more tournament winners than any other brand and the company continues to produce innovative new models that appeal to professionals and amateurs alike. Here is some background on Odyssey along with a complete list of Odyssey putters by year.

Odyssey: A Brief History

In 1991, Odyssey, and its founder Michael Magerman, created its first putters. They were one-piece mallet putters with Stronomic metal, both in a Rossie I and II model. The putters quickly earned a victory on the PGA Tour and Odyssey began its ascension to the top of the putter market.

As Odyssey expanded its models, designs, and popularity, in 1997 the company firmly established itself as the No. 1 putter in golf. That same year, Odyssey was acquired by Callaway Golf which still owns the brand and has overseen all releases since that acquisition 25 years ago.

Odyssey Putters Today

According to the Odyssey website, since 2010 its putters have accounted for 781 worldwide victories including 123 on the PGA Tour. Current staff players using an Odyssey putter include Phil Mickelson, Xander Schauffele, Kevin Kisner, Marc Leishman, Daniel Berger, Adam Hadwin, and Harold Varner III.

Odyssey Putters by Year

Here is a list of Odyssey putter models by year, along with some highlights from each release.

1996Dual Force
2005Dual Force II
2006White Hot, White Steel
2007Black Series, White Hot XG
2008White Hot Tour, Divine, Black Series-i
2009Crimson Series
2010Ti-Hot, White Hot XG 2.0, Backstryke, Black Series Tour
2011White Ice, ProType Tour
2012Metal-X, Flip Face, ProType Black, Tank
2013Versa, White Hot Pro, White Ice 2.0, White Ice Tour, ProType iX
2014Metal-X Milled, Versa White, Tank Versa, Versa 90
2015Works, Works Big T, Works Versa, Milled Collection, Versa Tour, White Hot Pro 2.0
2016Milled Collection RSX, Highway 101, Toe Up, White Hot RX
2017O-Works, O-Works Black, O-Works Red
2018EXO, Red Ball
2019Toulon, V-Line, Stroke Lab, EXO Stroke Lab
2020Stroke Lab Black, Toulon Stroke Lab, Triple Track
2021White Hot OG, Ten Series
2022Eleven Series, White Hot OG Stroke Lab, Tri Hot 5K

1996: Dual Force

The putters that truly started it all. The Dual Force lineup includes 22 total models ranging from the DF330, which was a standard blade style, all the way to the DF770 which was a half mallet with toe-hang. It was also the birth of the Rossie I and Rossie II, which are immensely popular mallet-style putters that you still see in play today.

1999: Tri-Force

Just before the turn of the century, Odyssey released its Tri-Force lineup which consisted of three different blade style putters. The line did well in retail due in large part to the Dual Force popularity. It was also the first launch since Callaway acquired Odyssey in 1997.

2001: Tri-Hot

The Tri-Hot release also consisted of three models, however, only two blades were included (#2 and #3) while the Tri-Hot #1 was a mallet that was an adaptation of the Rossie style.

2003: DFX

2003 was the year of the DFX line for Odyssey. It included 10 models in total and they were darker in color than any previous Odyssey model. Most notably, the DFX ushered in the 2-Ball model which many people associate with the White Hot line that came three years later.

2005: Dual Force II

The Dual Force II line was an expansion of the original Dual Force from 1996. It included seven models with a notable center-shafted version.

2006: White Hot, White Steel

White Hot was the beginning of something very big. When the White Hot line hit retailers they were the hottest thing in golf, let alone putters. The soft, white insert was unlike anything ever felt in a putter and still today you’ll see plenty of the original White Hot putters in play.

The original White Hot line was the catalyst for generations to come and included 17 different models. The White Hot 2-Ball became one of the best-selling putters of all time.

2007: Black Series, White Hot XG

Odyssey followed up the White Hot series with the Black Series in 2007. The traditional three models consisted of two blades and one mallet. The White Hot XG was the next generation of the White Hot name with an altered insert and some less-than-traditional models like the #8 which was an extended blade.

2008: White Hot Tour, Divine, Black Series-i

Odyssey launched three models in 2008, the biggest being the White Hot Tour. These models had more of a copper finish and had smaller heads than the original White Hot versions. It was also the launch year for Divine lined putters which had new adaptations of sightlines including the first Marksman model.

2009: Crimson Series

Odyssey released the Crimson line in 2009, which had three models, most notably the non-traditional styling of the 770 model. The 770 has two fang-like extensions coming off of the back of the putter.

2010: Ti-Hot, White Hot XG 2.0, Backstryke, Black Series Tour

2010 was a busy year for Odyssey. In addition to the next generation of White Hot, the XG 2.0, there were also two models of Ti-Hot which was a one-piece premium design. Odyssey also released the Backstryke, which ushered in the Sabertooth model, and the Black Series Tour which were smaller-headed versions of the original Black Series.

2011: White Ice, ProType Tour

The White Ice line from Odyssey had 17 different models and the district design characteristic of ice on the sole of the putters. In 2011, Odyssey also launched a premium milled collection called ProType Tour that had nine models.

2012: Metal-X, Flip Face, ProType Black, Tank

Odyssey had several releases in 2012. The Metal-X was its mainstream collection which had many of its usual models. There were also ProType Black and Tank (heavy) models released that year. Flip Face, however, was one of the most unconventional putters ever produced. You could actually flip the face of the putter from a White Hot insert to the new Metal-X insert in one simple turn.

2013: Versa, White Hot Pro, White Ice 2.0, White Ice Tour, ProType iX

In 2013 Odyssey debuted the Versa design which was a two-tone black and white colorway designed for better alignment. There were also smaller-headed versions of the White Hot, second and third adaptations of White Ice, and a second run on ProType.

2014: Metal-X Milled, Versa White, Tank Versa, Versa 90

In 2014 Odyssey released a milled version of the Metal-X line from the previous year, a trait that Odyssey continued to improve on. These were called the Metal-X milled. Odyssey also mirrored the original Versa designs by switching the black and white coloring with the Versa White.

2015: Works, Works Big T, Works Versa, Milled Collection, Versa Tour, White Hot Pro 2.0

Works was the word of Odyssey’s 2015 lineup with multiple versions under that umbrella including a Works Versa collection. A new, 2.0 model, was also created under the White Hot name. Odyssey also debuted a premium Milled Collection at a higher-end price point.

2016: Milled Collection RSX, Highway 101, Toe Up, White Hot RX

The Milled Collection continued to grow with RSX versions as well as a super limited release called the Highway 101 which included three models. Odyssey also had a one-and-done run of Toe-Up models in 2016, which were designed for the toe of the putter to point up at address.

2017: O-Works, O-Works Black, O-Works Red

2017 was all about O-Works launch for Odyssey. Amazingly, O-Works consisted of nearly 40 different models when you take into consideration that each model came in black, red, or two-tone black and white along with different grip sizes and sightlines. O-Works was highlighted by interchangeable weights and distinctive styling.

2018: EXO, Red Ball

After 2017’s onslaught of models, 2018 was only marginally quieter for Odyssey. The EXO series had a black and red coloring and had over a dozen models. In addition, the Red Ball mallet came out which was designed for the player to look down and see a small red ball through a hole to ensure proper club position.

2019: Toulon, V-Line, Stroke Lab, EXO Stroke Lab

Sean Toulon was a force in his time with TaylorMade, overseeing launches of some of the most popular clubs ever produced. After deciding to open Toulon Design with his sons, Callaway hired Toulon to be their putter zar.

The first launch of Toulon Design Odyssey putters came in 2019, and really gave the company something it had tried so hard to perfect for years: a truly premium lineup that could compete with the highest end putters.

Odyssey also launched Stroke Lab in 2019, which was an innovative head and shaft combo aimed at improving tempo.

Odyssey Toulon putter

2020: Stroke Lab Black, Toulon Stroke Lab, Triple Track

In addition to black and Toulon versions of Stroke Lab, Odyssey launched its Triple Track putters in 2020. Red and blue lines as the sightline of the putter matched Callaway’s immensely popular Triple Track golf balls.

2021: White Hot OG, Ten Series

Going old school in 2021, Odyssey released the White Hot OG models which were the closest thing to the 2006 originals to date. They were even good enough to put Steve Stricker’s original White Hot in the garage. The Ten Series was also debuted which included Triple Track, Stroke Lab, and Arm Lock models all with the Ten Series weighting and design.

2022: Eleven Series, White Hot OG Stroke Lab, Tri Hot 5K

Odyssey has expanded on the OG lineup in 2022 to include the Stroke Lab technology but also has released the Eleven Series which is a collection of four different mallets with different design points. There are also new Tri Hot 5K models which have interchangeable weights but with the White Hot insert.


As you can see from the above list, Odyssey is the number one putter in golf for a reason. The company’s willingness to adapt to technology is unrivaled in the putter category. Along the way, Odyssey has had tremendous success by taking chances on designs such as the 2-Ball and with Toulon, but hasn’t shied away from less than successful ventures such as the Flip Face or Toe Up. For those reasons, Odyssey continues to be the most widely used flat stick in the game.

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