Callaway Golf FT Sand Wedge

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Designed to be a seamless part of Callaway's FT Iron set, the FT sand wedge is a natural addition for golfers who favor a matched set of clubs all the way down to the short game, scoring clubs. Though no longer in production, the FT sand wedge is still available on the secondary market. 


The Callaway FT sand wedge is a perimeter-weighted cast club with 55 degrees of loft and a very large 15 degrees of bounce found in game improvement and super-game-improvement clubs. This club is available in two standard shaft options: the Nippon NS Pro 1100 steel shaft and the lightweight Callaway Golf FT Iron Graphite shaft in light, regular or stiff flex. Both shafts feature a neutral mid kick point. The stiff-shaft graphite iron offers low torque for players with aggressive, fast swing speeds around 100 mph.


Featuring a super thin titanium face, Callaway designers have moved 80 percent of the club's total weight to the extreme perimeter of the clubhead. To deaden vibration and make your shots feel even more solid, a thermoplastic urethane insert is placed in the hollow back of the club. With the latest version of Callaway's "Fusion Technology," all of these irons, including the sand wedge, have a thinner top line favored by lower handicappers.


A complete diversion from Callaway's X-Forged and X-Tour wedges, the FT sand wedge is designed for players who need a bit of extra help getting the ball into the air predictably. A top-of-the-line club technologically, the FT sand wedge is clearly designed like another iron in your bag rather than a specifically tailored forged short-game club accomplished players who have more than one style of sand shot prefer.


The FT irons, including the sand wedge, feature a cradle around the perimeter of the club made of a new metal alloy devised by Callaway called Tunite. At 20 percent heavier than titanium, this cradle provides additional support around the sweet spot for more solid shots. Callaway's so-called "extreme notch" weighting places more weight at the bottom of the club for a higher launch angle and more forgiveness on all shots.


The FT sand wedge is available from Callaway at the same price as all the other additional clubs not available in the seven- or eight-club sets: $137.50 for a steel shaft and $162.50 for graphite.

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