Proper Body Alignment while Putting in Golf

By John Elliott

How Do Address the Ball?

One of the cool things about the game of golf is that any tendency you have in one area you will also have in all of the other areas that you go to. In hitting your driver if you tend at address to lean your head to the right as mine is now, when you putt you will still have your head leaning to the right. The problem with that is if I am trying to aim down and look down the line and my head is crooked to the line, am I truly looking down the line? The answer is no, I am not. When people look at targets they always look at the target one of three ways.

Aiming Right

As I turn and face the target line I am now a person that tends to aim to my right. I look at the target by turning my head towards my left shoulder. Not parallel to where my head is hanging. Right now if I look straight from this set up I would be looking over there. I can not even see Zach our camera man. To look down that line when I am set up incorrectly to the right I turn my head.

Aiming Left

Let's reverse that. Now you are a person that tens to aims way to the left. My natural instinct would be to look here. You may be saying what happened to John's eyes I can not see them. Well, when I misaim and I make a good head rotation I am not looking anywhere near that hole. To see the hole from here people that aim to the left do this. They lift their head, their eyes and their chin and they look out to right field. So we have had a person aiming right and looking left , and now a person aiming left and looking right.

Aiming Center

Here is the correct one. If you get your eye line over the target line and parallel to it, then to look at the target all you are doing is rotating your eyes down that line. the feeling I get as a right handed player is that my right eye rotates under my left eye. The right side of my cap rotates under the left side of my cap. You can check yourselves at home very easily. You can stand in front of a mirror and do this. This is normal. This is the person that aims left, they look up and out to the right. This is the person that aims to the right. They look down and over their left shoulder. This will show up fro your driver to your putter but it will make more difference with your putter because the target is so small. It is four and a quarter inches across. Be aware of that eye line because that is going to tighten up your pattern which is going to lower our scores.

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