Learn this Foot Routine to Perfect Your Golf Swing Set Up

By John Elliott

Establish a Routine

We are on the golf course, we are playing golf, we encounter three different lies. A ball sitting on the ground, a ball sitting on a low tee and a ball sitting on a high tee. One of the common denominators is that we step in to those three shots exactly the same way. My question to you is do you do that? Here is what I mean.

Stepping to the Ball

I am going to start with the ball that is the farthest from me, it is going to be a wedge shot, I am going to grip the club and I am going to step in with my rear foot. Notice where I have placed my foot in relation to the yellow line. It is one clubhead to my right and my foot is parallel to that line. That is the building block for me getting the club behind the ball squarely with the shaft in a neutral position.

Check for Problems

If I back my foot up to my right watch where my hands and the handle go. This is what happens when people are aiming too far to the left. They walk in, they set the back foot in the wrong place which then sets the shaft and the face in the wrong place and they wonder why they can not aim towards the target. Well, for folks who aim to the right, for a right handed player, the opposite occurs. They will get their grip but when they step into the ball their back foot is in front of the line, thus it pushes the handle ahead of the line and this person is already beginning their journey from a right aim, meaning to the right, not correct, to the right.

Set Your Stance

So the key, we lift our club, when we lift it up off the ground we want the shaft perpendicular to an imaginary target line. We step in with the rear foot, we set that foot one clubhead from the ball position line and parallel to it and then the club can go in directly behind the ball without the shaft leaning forward or backwards. We spread our feet and now we are ready to hit our shot. Now let me do the same thing with a driver because that is at the opposite end of the spectrum. I grip my club again, the shaft is perpendicular to that imaginary target line, as I step in the back foot is parallel to the ball position line.


I set the club, I aim, I spread my feet and now I am ready to go ahead and hit it. So when you are playing golf, whether you have a chip or a pitch, an iron shot or a driver or a fairway wood we always start with the back foot parallel to the target line and one clubhead to the backside of that. It will make aiming and consistency so much easier to achieve.

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