Preparing For Your Lesson

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Video Transcript

Video Golf Tip | Preparing For Your Lesson
By John Elliott

I know one thing about you when you arrive on the practice tee for a golf lesson. You think you are going to be a good student. Well I will guarantee you that you will be a great student and here is how. The last time you went to the doctor only you knew why you were there. For him to find out why you were sitting in his office on his chair he had to do an interview with you. Well, when you come to see me on the practice tee I am going to send you on the same kind of interview. I am going to ask you questions like when was the last time you played? How much do you play through the course of a year? Why are you here? That is the big one. Why are you here standing on this turf wanting a golf lesson from me? if you do not know that answer then you really should not even be there because what I need you to do is fill me in on all your experiences over the course of the last six months, or since the last lesson that you took. Things like you need to describe to me what the ball is doing. It is either cutting or it is hooking or you are topping it or you are hitting it off the toe. I hit a lot of fat shots. I hit a lot of thin shots. I do not want you to tell me what you are doing wrong, that is my job. I want you to tell me what the ball is doing and then I can tell you what you are doing wrong. The best way to do that is for you to arrive to a lesson fifteen minutes early minimum. Then go to the practice tee, hit some shots, get yourself loose. You are coming to me for a 30 minute lesson I want to work with you for the entire 30 minutes. That is what you are paying me for. If you arrive at 10 for a 10 o'clock lesson and then you go about stretching, and then you go about warming up, and then you go about talking to me, by the time you are finished doing all that stuff we are down to about twelve or thirteen minutes of actual instruction. That is not fair to you, but you know what, it is also not fair to me. Your problem may be such that it take me more than twelve or thirteen minutes to get your muscles to do something differently. Remember, you are going to go through an interview process, be prepared for it. we do not like words like horrible, terrible or great. We like words like I am topping it, I am shanking it, I am pushing it, I am pulling it. so learn some of the terminology. It is not difficult and it tells me what I need to be looking for when you set up to hit a ball. Secondly, get there early enough to warm up so that when we go through the process of asking the questions you are ready to demonstrate both physically and mentally. Last but not least, please bring a pad and a pen or pencil so that you can take some notes at the end of the lesson to remind yourself what we did. It is important to me because every time I am giving you a lesson I am putting my reputation on the line. I am depending on you to make sure that reputation intact, because I have a good reputation as a teacher. The question is do you have a good reputation as a learner. So let's get on the same page.

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