Pitch Like Phil Mickelson and Improve Your Golf Short Game

By Jim McLean

How Phil Mickelson Developed His Golf Short Game

Phil Mickelson is certainly a master of the sand wedge. He has hit some of the greatest shots in the history of the game. Now he has been great since he was a little boy, he was one of the greatest juniors in the history of American golf, a great amateur, a US Amateur Champion and won a Tour event as an amateur. So Mickelson to me is just a super gifted athlete. What he has done is built his game around his short game. He did that by practicing a lot in his backyard where he had a green so obviously that is a huge advantage, most of us do not have that.

Hold the Finish on Your Golf Swing Like Mickelson

Let me talk to you about a few things that Mickelson does so well in his swing. I have watched him for many years around the green pitching it and one of the things that he often times does is he hits and holds the finish on his short shots. He hits and holds. As he does that he leaves the clubface open or at least square, he never turns that thing over for that higher, softer shot. He also keeps his hands ahead of the clubhead. He does not allow his wrists to break unless he is hitting that super high shot.

Keep Your Hands Forward Throughout Your Golf Swing

Mickelson has great acceleration, he cocks the club up on the backswing and he hits and holds on through. I really notice how much he keeps his hands forward on the through swing. So I will pop one out there and what you feel when you hit a shot like that is the golf ball going right up the grooves. You can feel the ball just burning right up the clubface. That takes resistance on the finish, it takes a firm swing and then a lot of hit and hold, resistance with the hands forward. Never let that club pass by your hands and you will hit some much better shots around the green.

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