Build Your Golf Setup Like the Pros

By Mike McGetrick

For a Proper Golf Swing, Have a Good Setup

Most golfers do not have the time to spend practicing golf to become a great golfer like a Tiger Woods or Julie Inkster on Tour, but one thing all of you can do is set up like a professional. The key to a proper golf swing starts with the set up.

  • From this face on view for my posture when I set up to the ball I want my body positioned on top of my lower body just like I am standing right here. A lot of golfers when they set up they get leaning too much to the right or they get leaning to much to the left.
  • From this face on position right here if you grip your golf club and just hold it in front of you, what you want to do is just bend forward at the address position and now you can see that my upper body is positioned on top of my lower body.

Golf Drill for Improving Setup

An exercise you can do is just stand up, bend from your hips and let your arms slide down to your knees and then just grip the golf club. Now you can see that my upper body is positioned on top of my lower body and at impact I want that same position right there. From the back view, when I set up to the golf ball you want to bend from the hips, so the first thing you will see is that my rear end is going to go back bending from my hips. Now I have a straight spine where my back is relatively straight and my body is in a balanced position.

Keep Good Balance Throughout Your Golf Swing

If you look at my weight from my toes to my heels they are pretty much centered on the balls of my feet. Now when I start the golf club back I can start in balance. When I go to the top of the swing I am in good balance, when I come into impact I am in good balance and then when I go to the finish. Also from this face on position here what is critical when I set up to the golf ball is that my arms hang in a neutral position where they are just hanging right here, not trying to get them too far forward, because where your hands are positioned at address has a lot of influence on your takeaway.

Another good check point from the down the line view is that when you set up properly that your feet, your knees, your hips, your shoulders and your forearms and eyes are all parallel to one and other. From that position I am really in a great position to start my golf swing.

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