Junior Golf Putting Tips

By Ty Andersen

Putting Lessons: Distance and Direction

Whenever I teach something I try to give people a way to remember it. When I get on the green and I about putting I try to break putting down into two areas. Distance and direction. If you think about that, every shot in golf is a combination of those two elements, distance and direction. If I hit the ball the right distance and the right direction it is going to go in the hole no matter where I am. Direction is the easiest thing that I can fix when it comes to working with someone in golf.

How to Properly Mark a Golf Ball While Putting

What happens first is that whenever the ball is on the green the first thing I teach any junior or kid to do is the proper way to mark a ball. As we all know the proper way to mark a ball is to put a coin behind the ball. As we all know, but maybe the kids don't know that. And once again we do not need to assume what someone does and does not know. We need to teach them. The point being that I have seen kids trying to mark a ball by picking the ball up and then placing a coin where the ball was. That is a one stroke penalty. They need to understand that when the ball is on the green the proper way to mark it is to take a small coin, put it directly behind then ball. Then they can lift up the ball.

Mark an Arrow on the Ball to Improve Putting Line

Now that I have that ball in my hand I can use that ball to help me out when it comes to putting. Every ball has writing on it, in this case here the ball has writing on both sides, and I am going to take that writing and make an arrow out of that writing in terms of where I want that ball to go. In this case here I am going to put the ball back down, make an arrow with that writing pointing to where I want the ball to go. I am going to step back behind the ball to make sure that the arrow is pointing correctly, I am going to come up to the ball and remove my mark.

Make a Letter T with the Putter Face and the Ball

Next thing I am going to teach them to do is take the putter head, they already know that the heel, toe and sole should be flat on the ground, and what I am going to tell them to do is make the letter T with the face of the putter being the head of the T and the arrow on the ball being the line on the T. So when they put the club flat on the ground they have the letter T. I have them put their feet together, spread their feet out under their shoulders, and if they go straight back and straight through that should take care of their direction. Once again whenever I teach I try to give them a way to remember. When it comes to direction let that ball help you out. Set the arrow, make that letter T , straight back and straight through. It gives you the best chance of the ball going in the proper direction.

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