How to Use the Bernhard Langer Grip for Better Putting Distance Control

By Mike LaBauve

Controlling your distance is the key to great putting. The number one thing that we see that gets in the way of that distance control is too much wrist action, swinging the putter back and forth with your wrists breaking. If you can get your putter to work as a unit with your arms, you're going to have much better control over that distance.

A Drill for Better Putting Distance Control

The drill that we like to use is called the 'Bernhard Langer Grip.' He takes the shaft and puts it right on the inside of his left arm gripping all the way down to the bottom of the grip. That makes everything work as a unit.

  • If I take my right hand and clamp it up against that left arm you can see how I've got a pendulum motion back and forth.
  • As you hit putts using this drill, you will notice what kind of distance control you have.
  • I would suggest hitting 10 putts each time you go out to practice or warm-up to get a feel for that pendulum motion.

Get a Feel for Distance Control

Once you've done that it's very easy to transition back into your normal putting grip, whether that be a left hand low grip or a conventional grip. To get the same feel for your distance control.

So remember, if you want to get rid of that excess wrist action, use the 'Bernhard Langer Grip,' it will improve your distance control. Take the shaft, put it up against that left arm, everything will work as a unit. I promise you if you use this drill before you go practice or before you play you will have a much better pendulum stroke and much more control over your distance. Good luck!

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