How the Proper Wrist Cock can Improve Your Shot Distance and Direction

By Jim McLean

Many golfers have trouble delaying their wrist cock as they come in to the impact zone. Here is a little drill you can try at home.

At-Home Drill to Master Wrist Cock

  • Take your right hand out in front of you and then cock your right wrist back; that is the secret to doing this drill.
  • Now simply take your left hand and cross over and grab your fingers on your right hand. You will notice immediately that it adds a tremendous amount of set in your right hand. Now your arms are sort of crossed like this.
  • From here you just practice the backswing and down to impact. Backswing and down to impact.
  • Then backswing to just short of impact.
  • Then from there you let go with your left hand.

Feel The Swing Release

So you go up to the top, down and then let go with the left hand. Boom. Feel that release. That give you the feeling of the right wrist cock back and then release forward. After you do that drill take a golf club and try to capture that same feeling. I guarantee you that it will help you really get the feeling of the delayed setting of the club, of the delayed uncocking of the club as you come in to the impact zone.

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