4 Tips to Perfect Your Golf Stance

4 Tips to Perfect Your Golf Stance

What I would like to talk to you about now is the guts of the golf swing and that is the set up. If we don’t get the proper set up we can never make the proper moves and get in the proper positions in the golf swing. I don’t think anyone understands how important this is. There are only three or four basic things that have to happen to get the proper set up.

Correct Foot Position - 3 Factors

Number one, for all full normal trajectory shots we always want the inside heel measurements to be approximate outside shoulder width apart. If we get your feet shoulder width apart it allows you the room that it takes to coil to your right leg on the backswing and then to go through to your left leg on the follow-through.

The other part of this is that we always want the right foot square or perpendicular to the line of flight because as we create that coiling motion we want the resistance inside the right leg. If you turn the right toe out a little when you try to get behind the ball you will always get a twisting motion or a sway to the outside of the right foot. You can not coil unless you have that right foot square; this creates the resistance that creates the coil, so it is very important.

The other important factor is to turn the left toe out, we like for the left toe to be out because once you coil into the set of your right foot we want a natural unwinding into your left leg. Your balance can be caught right on the ball of the left foot, kind of like on the toe of your left foot, and you will be facing the target. This is essential in the golf swing, it is basic fundamental.

So the idea is:
1) Inside heel measurements shoulder width apart
2) Right foot square
3) Left toe turned out slightly to catch your balance.

Correct Shoulder Position

Once you have accomplished these three steps the ball should be basically off the inside of your left heel. This is not for low shots into the wind, we will get to that at another time and you can move the ball back then. This is for normal trajectory basic fundamentals.

The last thing I want to add that it is very important is that once the right foot is square, the left toe is turned out and the heels are shoulder width apart (you should feel a little pinching in the inside of the legs), the shoulders should be square or level. I don’t want the left shoulder and the right shoulder tilted at this angle [from front to back] because from there you can never coil behind the ball you will either sway, twist or be forced to have to reverse pivot.

Once you get set up with your shoulders square or level I can then create the proper coil behind the ball. When you get your shoulders level you should have the feeling that your elbows are pointed to your outside hip bones. This will get your arms soft and get them in a position that can put your hands on the club properly. The only way you can truly grip the club well is to have your shoulders level and your elbows pointed at your hip bones. From there we can create the golf swing and everything becomes very simple.

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