How to Fix Your Golf Hook With 3 Simple Adjustments

By Hank Haney

hook and straight shot arcs

Playing a hook in golf is a dangerous way to live from hole-to-hole. Sometimes a hook can be useful, but more often a hook leads to missed fairways and greens. Here are three adjustments you can make to fix your hook.

What is a Hook?

A hook is a ball flight that carries severely from right to left for right-handed players. For left-handed players, the shot moves from left to right. What differentiates a hook from a draw is that a hook turns over harder and is uncontrollable, which is commonly referred to as a snap hook or a duck hook. A draw is a gradual, controlled ball flight that is actually of great benefit to players who play it effectively.

Hook vs. Slice

A hook is the exact opposite of a slice. A slice, for right-handed players, travels from left to right with the same uncontrollable and undesirable pace as a hook. For left-handed players, a slice moves from right to left.

How to Fix a Hook

Here are three simple adjustments you can make to fix your hook.

Resist With Your Hips

Concentrate on resisting with your hips, not only in your backswing but also in your follow-through. Making an effort to resist with your hips in both phases of your swing will help your hands get into the right spot.

Check Your Grip

Check your grip and make sure your hands aren't turned too much to the right (for right-handed players), which would be considered a strong grip. Weaken your grip just a bit by turning your hands to the left. Also, check your grip pressure. We're always told to grip lightly, but if you hook the ball, gripping the club a little tighter can help.

Complete Your Swing

Make sure that you complete your golf swing by going all the way through the golf ball and making a complete finish. If you make the above adjustments but forget to make a complete follow-through you could develop a slice.

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