3-Step Golf Technique to Hit On a Downhill Lie

Updated January 20, 2022

Well luckily my ball has avoided the fairway bunker. But unfortunately I'm left with the most difficult uneven lie that you can have, the downhill lie.The reason this shot is so difficult is because obviously the down hill lie decreases the loft of the club and most people will have trouble getting the ball up in the air.

How Hard to Hit the Club

The first thing you want to make sure of is take enough club. Don't try to go for the green if you have a such a difficult lie just get the ball in play. When you set up to the ball, it's important that you level your body to the slope. So I'm going to tilt my body with the slope, all uneven lies you want to level your body to the slope as opposed to standing level to the ground that you're hitting to, I'm going to stand level to the ground that I'm hitting from.


Position: Tilting Your Body

By tilting my body down the slope the emphasis on this shot is going to be more on turning my body through, so that I allow the golf club to swing down the slope. So more hands and arms in the backswing; more body turning through on the downswing. Anytime you have a situation where your body is really turning through, your ball is going to tend to cut a little bit.

That's OK on this shot because it will help you get the ball up in the air. So hands and arms in the backswing, body tilted with the slope, swinging up the slope and turn through. Swing it down the slope. Remember aim just a little left to allow for the cut that you're likely to get from the down hill lie.