Perfect Timing of the Wrist Hinge in Your Backswing

By Denis Pugh

Common Wrist Hinge Mistakes

The question I am often asked about the fundamental of leverage is when should the wrist cock in the backswing.

Well it's clear to me that the best way of defining the radius of the golf swing is the distance from the arms, the end of the club through to the chest. That radius is all important some players can actually maintain their radius and set their wrist quite freely.

Others when they swing, they get to the same position but when they try to set their wrist, they break their radius.

When Should You Hinge the Wrist in Your Backswing?

So when should you set the wrist? Quite simply, as late as possible. As you swing the club away, allow the sweep of the club to hinge the wrist for you to go natural full wrist hinge. You see Tiger Woods, very firm, Colin Montgomerie, very relaxed. Most players set the club late. To me it is craziness to set the club early and break down that all important radius in the backswing.

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