Helpful Mental Training Tip to Perfect Short Game

Updated January 20, 2022

Practice Your Golf Short Game Under Pressure

Amateur golfers generally practice their short game by hitting little chips and pitches or bunker shots to the same target over and over again. That is good if you are just trying to get the basic mechanics down. It is not so good for predicting how you are going to do under pressure. A better way of doing that is dropping eighteen balls around the green and going from one spot to another and actually pitching the ball and putting out, keeping a score. Even imagine it, and I have done this with Tour Players, the next course you are going to play in competition. Imagining where you might miss the green on number one.

  • Drop a ball.
  • Get it up and down.
  • Go through the whole routine, write down the score.
  • Drop a ball, where might I miss the green on number two or get it close to the green for a par-5.
  • Drop a ball, hit the ball, putt out, write the score down.

Do that eighteen times. That is an excellent way to train your short game.