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Learning great distance techniques will allow you to steer the ball around the course like a pro. Learn the best methods of working the ball with our distance instructional tips and videos, below.

Hitting Irons vs. Metal Woods for Golf Success
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

Understanding your equipment is necessary for good golfers; hit down with irons to make the ball go up and hit up with metals...

3 Tips to Stop Hitting Low Tee Shots
Golf Tip Video by Gary Wiren

Tee the ball up higher, hold your club above the ground, tilt your hands forward and swing level...

How to Get More Power on Your Golf Shot
Golf Tip Video by Mike McGetrick

Getting more distance is usually just the process of making sure your shaft is leading into impact so practice hitting low ch...

How to Master the Golf Wrist Hinge for a More Powerful Swing
Golf Tip Video by David Glenz

Correctly cocking your wrists will add a tremendous amount of energy to your swing...

The Golf Club Loft and Lie Angle Explained
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

Your club loft determines the height and distance of your shots, and the lie sets the sole of the clubhead flat on the ground...

Practice with a Driver to Improve Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Using your driver to practice accentuates errors in your swing, especially if you slice, and low handicappers can use it to p...

How to Control Bunker Shot Distance in Golf
Golf Tip Video by Christopher Toulson

CHRIS TOULSON demonstrates how the speed of the swing and length of the finish play key roles in controlling distance...

An Easy Way to Hit the Golf Ball Farther
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott, Jr.

Getting more distance requires that you hit the center of the clubface more often and that requires an impact position with y...

Correct Golf Delivery Position for Power & Accuracy
Golf Tip Video by Adam Harrell

The delivery position of the swing is when the club shaft is parallel to the ground, at which point the right elbow and knee ...

What is Distance Control in Golf?
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Controlling the distance of your shots stems from reducing potential power in your backswing or downswing...

Putt with Momentum for Better Distance Control
Golf Tip Video by Dr. Richard Coop

To fix putting distance control problems let your putter head gain momentum, not accelerate, through the stroke...

How To Fix Your Putting Speed for Better Distance Control
Golf Tip Video by Hank Haney

Distance is the most important part of putting and the optimum speed is 17 inches past the hole...

How to Read Sand to Control the Distance of Bunker Shots
Golf Tip Video by Gary Wiren

Controlling distance out of a bunker can be done in many ways, try all these methods and see which one works best for you...

How to Control Club Distance on Tricky Shots
Golf Tip Video by Gary Wiren

Certain situations like punching a ball out of trouble call for hitting a lower lofted club a shorter distance, use this tric...

How to Improve Distance Control on Long Putts
Golf Tip Video by Sandy LaBauve

On long putts take an initial look at the slope, set your target line then spend the rest of the swing concentrating on the p...


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