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Complete Guide to Match Play in Golf (Plus Winning Strategies!)

Match play is one of the most exciting formats in all of golf. Whether you just enjoy watching match play in professional golf or you organize match play for your own competitions, the format is a nice change of pace from standard stroke play. Let's take a look at some of the most popular match play events along with winning strategies should you find yourself going head-to-hea...

Types of Golf Traditions

There are different types of golf traditions. Some of them are based on the sportsmanship and courtesy that golf prides itself in. Others involve the items that are awarded to winners of specific golf competitions. Still another golf tradition, where a round of golf course consists of 18 holes, stretches all the way back to the middle of the 1700s.

Golf Course ADA Rules

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is Federal law that applies throughout the USA. It is enforced by litigation in the Federal courts, not by local authorities such as building inspectors. One of the purposes of the ADA is to make facilities accessible for the use of those with physical disabilities that limit mobility.The specific rules are contained in the Federal Regi...

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About Golf

Golf is a sport that traces it roots back into the Middle Ages. Golf is best described as a game in which a player attempts to hit a small ball around a course with specialized clubs into the holes on smooth grass surfaces in as few strokes as possible. Golf has evolved from its mysterious beginnings into a global sport. It is played on golf courses--open areas that are specifi...

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Four-Ball in Golf: Rules & Strategies for Match and Stroke Play

Four-Ball is a golf format played in teams of two and requires strategy in both match and stroke play. If you've ever wondered what the rules are in Four-Ball and the best way to approach a Four-Ball event, this is your guide to all things Four-Ball.

Facts About Byron Nelson

Byron Nelson was a professional golfer, competing on the Professional Golfer's Association Tour between 1932 and 1946. Nelson won at a phenomenal rate, culminating a wonderful career that saw him win 52 professional golf tournaments with an astounding 1945 season on the tour.

How to Attend the NGA Hooters Pro Golf Tour

What started as a developmental tour in 1988 has evolved into a highly competitive and lucrative golf tour that continues to produce champions. Majors champions such as Zach Johnson, John Daly and Lee Janzen are among an impressive list of NGA (National Golf Association) Hooters Tour alumni. The tour boasts several regional and seasonal series, offering fans many opportunities ...

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U.S. Open Cut Line: What it Takes to Make the Weekend

The U.S. Open is one of the toughest tests of golf. The USGA chooses courses that give professionals all the challenge they can handle. The U.S. Open has its own 36-hole cut rules, the mid-point of the tournament, to bring the number of players down for the third and fourth rounds of play.

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Golf's Out of Bounds Rules, Penalties & Procedures

Going out of bounds is just about the worst possible result of a golf shot. The blunder will cost you one penalty stroke plus all the distance you could have gained from the shot, essentially amounting to a two-stroke penalty.

Order of Play Rules in Golf

In a competitive match, there are specific rules on which player goes first. The rules are to prevent arguments and to keep the game moving without any type of significant delay. Order of play rules have been in effect for centuries and have kept the game moving.

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Relief from Cart Path: Official Golf Rules

The cart path is typically not your friend on the golf course. It serves its purpose taking you from hole-to-hole, but when it comes to your golf shots hitting it, that usually leads to trouble. But what happens when your golf ball comes to rest on the cart path? Or, when your golf ball settles up against it? Here's exactly how to proceed in accordance with the Rules of Golf in...

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The Putting Green: Official Golf Rules

In a typical round of golf, you and your foursome can find yourselves all over the course depending on how well everyone is playing. While you might take different paths to get there, it all ends on the putting green. Making sure that you use proper etiquette on the green is important, but you also want to be sure you’re following the rules of golf. It can be the difference bet...

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Golf's Official Rain Delay Rules

The dreaded sound of the inclement weather horn. Whether you're a tour pro on the course or a viewer on your couch, nobody likes that sound. Whether play is suspended for an hour or a day, the PGA Tour and other governing organizations have protocols to account for inclement weather. Let's learn more about those procedures.

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The Official "Play It As It Lies" Golf Rule (And Exceptions)

The Rules of Golf are confusing, and the rule often referred to as the "play it as it lies" rule is not as straightforward as it sounds.

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Official Updated Golf Rules on Playing From Bunkers

You just hit your approach shot into a green but a slight push, pull, or miscalculation has you in a bunker. You know that golf’s bunker rules have changed, but what exactly can you do in a bunker within the Rules of Golf, and what actions are still prohibited? Use the quick-reference dos and don’ts below if you need a quick answer, and check out the complete details to be conf...

About Thomas Levet

Thomas Levet has enjoyed a long, prosperous career in golf. Since 1988, he has been a force on the pro golf circuit, and he does not show any signs of slowing down in 2009, as the Golf Channel reports Levet clinched first place at the Open de Espana during the 2009 leg of the PGA European Tour.

About Roope Kakko

A relatively new face in golf, Roope Kakko will likely become a seasoned hand with time. Though not yet a household name, nor a winner of a major tournament, Kakko has made incredible headway in his golfing career. This young Finnish golfer shows great promise for the future if he continues to challenge himself and place highly at major events.

Ground Under Repair Rules in Golf

Ground under repair is an area on the golf course considered unfit for play. A player can drop out of this area with no penalty. Ground under repair is normally marked by a white circle or stakes. The golf course or tournament committee is responsible for marking all such areas as ground under repair.

About Andrew Butterfield

Andrew Butterfield is a British golfer with a track record of varying professional success and setbacks. Since turning pro in 1993, he has gone on to compete in such notable competitions as the PGA European Tour. While his game has improved to the point qualifying of international competition, he still remains true to his British roots, playing regularly in lesser-known regiona...

About Gary Lockerbie

Gary Lockerbie, a relatively new face on the professional golf scene, endured his share of setbacks early on but as of 2009 was positioned as a strong contender on the pro golf circuit. He is a player to watch, as he is still in his 20s and already has a professional victory under his beat, a feat that some golfers do not manager until much later in their careers.

About Darren Fichardt

Darren Fichardt was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on May 13, 1975. Fichardt has spent most of his life refining his golf skills at the amateur and professional level. His pursuit of bigger earnings and new challenges led to South Africa's Sunshine Tour and the European Tour. Fichardt's professional resume includes nine victories and ample earnings as of 2009.

Can You Replace A Damaged Golf Ball? Official Golf Rules

At some point, every golfer will have to swap out a damaged golf ball for a pristine one, but it doesn't normally happen mid-hole. We're here to help you understand the correct procedure and the dos and don'ts of replacing a damaged golf ball.

How to Set Up a Golf Scramble Using Handicaps

The golf scramble is one of the most popular formats for tournament play involving teams. Charities and nonprofit groups commonly use a golf scramble to raise funds for their organization. A common problem that arises with scrambles, however, is that the team with the largest number of low handicap players typically wins the event. A great way to level the playing field in a sc...


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