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About Charity Golf Tournaments

Golf has developed into one the most popular vehicles among all sports to raise money for charity. The reason is simple--since golf can be played by all ages and ability levels and by both men and women, there are more opportunities for charitable organizations to raise money through golf, since the potential number of participants is greater.

How To Play Match Play

Match play in golf is a different game than what most golfers and fans are used to playing and watching in traditional stroke play. In match play, a player (or a player's team) earns points for every hole that he beats the opponent. The total number of strokes that a player scores over the course of the round does not impact the outcome of the round. Match play can be played in...

How to Mark a Golf Ball on the Green

Removing and replacing your golf ball is an integral component of the putting routine. Knowing how to do so properly will help expedite the process as well as protect you from infringing on the rules of the game.

Types of Golf Traditions

There are different types of golf traditions. Some of them are based on the sportsmanship and courtesy that golf prides itself in. Others involve the items that are awarded to winners of specific golf competitions. Still another golf tradition, where a round of golf course consists of 18 holes, stretches all the way back to the middle of the 1700s.

Golf Course ADA Rules

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is Federal law that applies throughout the USA. It is enforced by litigation in the Federal courts, not by local authorities such as building inspectors. One of the purposes of the ADA is to make facilities accessible for the use of those with physical disabilities that limit mobility.The specific rules are contained in the Federal Regi...

About Golf

Golf is a sport that traces it roots back into the Middle Ages. Golf is best described as a game in which a player attempts to hit a small ball around a course with specialized clubs into the holes on smooth grass surfaces in as few strokes as possible. Golf has evolved from its mysterious beginnings into a global sport. It is played on golf courses--open areas that are specifi...

golf ball in hole

About Golf Hole-in-One Records

A hole-in-one is a golf shot hit from the tee that goes into the hole on the green. While the vast majority of holes-in-one are scored on par three holes where the golfer is expected to at least reach the green, there have been documented holes-in-one scored on par four holes that are considerably longer. The odds of hitting a hole-in-one on any particular tee shot are esti...

Facts About Byron Nelson

Byron Nelson was a professional golfer, competing on the Professional Golfer's Association Tour between 1932 and 1946. Nelson won at a phenomenal rate, culminating a wonderful career that saw him win 52 professional golf tournaments with an astounding 1945 season on the tour.

How to Attend the U.S. Open Golf Tournament

The U.S. Open Championship is one of the most prestigious and important golf tournament in the United States. It, along with the Masters, the British Open and the PGA Championship, are the four major golf championships that are held annually. The U.S. Open allows golf fans to purchase tickets directly through the United States Golf Association website, and there is always an a...

How to Get Tickets to the Masters Golf Tournament

Getting tickets to any of the top sporting events in the United States is difficult. The Super Bowl, World Series, the Indy 500 and the Kentucky Derby are all more than just sports events. They are part of American culture. So is the Masters Golf Tournament, held every year in Augusta, Georgia. If tickets for the Super Bowl and World Series are hard to get, tickets for the Mas...

How to Attend the NGA Hooters Pro Golf Tour

What started as a developmental tour in 1988 has evolved into a highly competitive and lucrative golf tour that continues to produce champions. Majors champions such as Zach Johnson, John Daly and Lee Janzen are among an impressive list of NGA (National Golf Association) Hooters Tour alumni. The tour boasts several regional and seasonal series, offering fans many opportunities ...

Rory McIlroy dejected at U.S. Open

U.S. Open Cut Rules

The U.S. Open is known as one of the toughest tests of golf. The USGA chooses courses that it feels will give professionals a steep challenge while also maintaining fair play amongst competitors. The U.S. Open has its own cut rules through 36 holes, the mid-point of the tournament, to bring the number of players down for the third and fourth rounds of play.

How to Plan a Golf Tournament

You have been put in charge of your club championship or your company golf tournament. You have to organize a tournament. You have to have it run smoothly and you have to make sure it is fair.

How to Host a Charity Golf Tournament

A golf tournament can be a profitable and entertaining way to raise money and awareness for a charity. Golfers get to enjoy a day of competition while feeling good about supporting a worthy cause. Business sponsors get some publicity while also assisting an organization in need. The golf course may also draw some attention from folks who might not have seen the place. The keys ...

How to Attend Ladies' National Golf Tour Events

The growth of golf among females has been amazing. It is estimated that about a quarter of all serious golfers in the United States are women, and if you consider those who only go to driving ranges, that percentage is even higher. So it's no wonder that the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) holds tournaments with as much as $3,500,000 at stake in the United States, M...

The US Open Golf History

The U.S. Open was first played in Newport, Rhode Island on October 4, 1895, on the nine-hole Newport Golf and Country Club. The U.S. Amateur and the U.S. Open tournaments were both scheduled for September, but were postponed because of Newport's America's Cup yacht races. The U.S. Open is now one of golf's four major tournaments.

Fantasy Golf Tips

Fantasy sports are popular around the country for almost every spectator sport. Fantasy golf might not be as popular as fantasy football or baseball, but it can still be very competitive with knowledgeable contenders. Following a few key suggestions will help you have a score that will keep you at the top of your league's leaderboard.

Nike Ignite Putter Review

SpecsThe highly-touted Nike Ignite line of putters features six models: The 001 (traditional heel-toe blade with full offset hosel), 002 (mid-heel-toe blade), 003 (mid-mallet), 004 (center-shafted mallet), 005 (U-mallet) and 006 (large mallet). The most notable feature in all six models is the putting face, a polymer insert that is about 85 percent stronger than steel. The inse...


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