Odyssey White Hot XG Putter Review

By S. Courtney

Golfer lining up short putt

Odyssey White Hot XG putters are designed for distance control and a smooth, consistent feel. Multi-layered elastomer inserts provide a soft feel on impact, and textured impact zones are infused with urethane for greater feedback and responsiveness. Head designs such as the Sabretooth model offer unique weight distribution and higher MOI for stability. Weighted alignment wings help keep the putter balanced and on-line for truer roll and more consistent strokes. XG putters are available in a variety of weights, lengths, and styles, including mallet, blade and long and mid-range designs. Standard lengths range from 30 to 36 inches, and long-putter designs reach up to 50 inches.


The great weight balance and smooth feel allows for consistent, straight strokes and good responsiveness. Layered impact zones provide a very soft, cushioned feel that can help with short putts. A variety of XG designs and lengths can help both amateur and veteran golfers choose a putter that best complements their game.


The extremely soft impact zones of the XG absorb a lot of impact and can make longer putts much more difficult to judge. The putter also doesn't work as well for golfers who use a more abbreviated putting motion instead of a full, pendulum-style swing.

Bottom Line

White Hot XG putters are best-suited for beginning golfers who can learn to putt while becoming acclimated to the soft feel of the club. Established golfers will find the overwhelmingly soft feel makes longer putts much more difficult to hole and can add to their frustrations on the green.

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