Slazenger Golf Ball Reviews

By Michael Kozlowski

A Playing Partner Watches His Slazenger Off the Tee

Slazenger Raw golf balls are two-piece-construction balls. There is some variation in the different balls available, but the average compression of a Slazenger is 90. Slazenger balls use a lower compression that is optimal for the golfer with a slower swing speed; they are good for most amateurs. The balls have a multi-layer construction with an ionomer core material and a titanium-enhanced cover stock. Slazenger offers a variety of balls that includes the Raw Distance, Feel and Titanium.


Slazenger balls are marketed primarily to the mid-to-high handicapper. They are very reasonably priced, usually about $25 for a box of 24 balls. Of the different variations, there is no noticeable difference in attainable distance. The Raw Feel has a softer quality and feels better coming off the club.


Some control is sacrificed for players with higher swing speeds due to the lower compression of the balls. The Raw Distance and Raw Titanium balls have a decidedly harder feel to them that many golfers will not find appealing; they are reminiscent of Top Flite balls. This also reduces the ability to impart spin on the ball.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a quality ball. It is priced very reasonably and you won't kick yourself for losing one or two with wayward shots.


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