Wilson Pro Staff Golf Clubs Review

Updated August 20, 2009

    Wilson Pro Staff clubs are a good option for a beginning golfer, but also have possibilities for somebody more experienced, too. The Pro Staff driver has weight screws for improved accuracy, an extremely large head and a flex staff shaft designed for improved flexibility and control. The fairway woods are also fairly large and equipped with the flex shaft. The Pro Staff set comes with two hybrid irons, which combine the distance and power of a wood with the familiar feel and control of an iron. The irons are fairly heavy with deeply recessed faces and steel shafts, allowing for maximum control and solid ball strikes.


    The oversize heads on the driver and fairway woods are fairly forgiving and allow for consistent solid contact, and the hybrid irons are excellent for long approach shots. The weight of the irons helps produce an ideal angle of impact, and the deeply recessed faces help maximize spin and control.



    The flex shafts can present problems for golfers accustomed to steel shaft drivers and woods, and switching from the woods to the steel shaft irons and back during play can disrupt the feel of the swing. Some players might find the weight of the irons a bit cumbersome, particularly if they attempt to work a draw or fade.

    Bottom Line

    Overall, the Pro Staff set is an excellent and inexpensive choice for both beginning players and those who enjoy the game regularly. The diverse selection offers a myriad of options for every potential situation, and the clubs themselves are extremely durable.